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Thread: Did South Park Premiere At The Right Time?

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    Did South Park Premiere At The Right Time?

    If you think about it, South Park's crude animation and humor made it easy to become typical Youtube material, and if Trey Parker and Matt Stone made South Park today, they'd probably release the series as short animated sketches rather than full length episodes, and this means SP will no longer be doing any social commentaries on anything because obviously they're material is gonna be very similar to videos found in CollegeHumor. By this I mean that the show is gonna be nothing but fart jokes and crude humor with nothing serious to talk about. And maybe, perhaps maybe, Trey and Matt are probably gonna make videos about commentating about current events and talk about themselves similar to Rhett and Link's Good Mythical Morning channel, similar to how they always used to begin every episode in South Park with them talking about stuff

    So do you think SP premiered at the right time? Remember Trey and Matt had trouble putting their show on the network due to the crude humor and they'd probably put the series on YouTube instead. It's funny because just recently they made an episode about criticizing how the youth nowadays only like to see people comment about something rather than experience it themselves


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    I guess, but at the same time we are in an era of things on YouTube being made into television shows(Comedy Central themselves has Broad City right now, really great show btw, that started as an internet series).

    And as far as I know I don't think it was too hard to get the show on TV back in the mid 90s, I think they tried to shop it to Fox first who passed, but I'm pretty sure selling the show to Comedy Central, then a very small and relatively unknown network, wasn't too difficult.

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    The first time I saw South Park it was a popular short animated sketch on the internet everyone would download and watch over and over. When the news broke that it would become a series, everyone was hyped. It was an immediate hit. I don't think it would've become nearly as big had it premiered later than 1997, when it was a unique and rare show, the timing was perfect

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    Yeah there is`no way they` be able to mack the show on youtube

    Does any one know the current budgt of an episode?

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    I think the show premiered at the right time, if not because of the animation style but because of the style of humor. I can't watch a lot of early episodes of South Park because the humor and pacing really miss the mark for me. A lot of the jokes fall flat and characterization is decent but isn't the show's strong point. South Park gradually evolved into a satirical show with its sights more on ripping pop culture a new one instead of so many jokes about bodily functions and cursing. That's when the show hit its stride, and it did it in one of the most derisive parts of modern history: the rise of the Internet and its various subcultures.
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