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    unusual/exotic foods you particularly enjoy or would like to try

    moose meat. can't really describe the taste because it didn't taste like any other meat I've tried... it was succulent and tender and mom's friend made the best tacos I've ever had with it

    would like to try: snake, frog legs, alligator
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    Oh... during my road trip passing Northern Alberta, I've tasted moose meat once; really tasty but I can't really describe the flavor. I want to say "grassier" but that doesn't sound right.

    I've had a chance to try dried alligator meat imported from Thailand, but never a chance to try the real meat of it. The dried alligator meat was sliced into strips and were boiled in soup - I couldn't really taste the flavor of the meat.

    Frogs legs are like chicken, but more chewy and rubbery. I know the phrase "tastes like chicken" gets thrown around like no tomorrow, but it's basically a miniature chicken drumstick. First time I had them was fried in a Mexican restaurant.

    Me personally, I quite liked the Ethiopian dish of serving beef raw (cured) with their spice and grain pancakes. I've also enjoyed Afghan food, which is super rich in spices. Another I'd like to mention is Iranian desert cookie; super buttery and quite stiff, but it has a rich pistachio taste to it which is nice.

    As for unusual foods that I'd like to try out, I've always wanted to try fried and seasoned insects. In the past I've had canned silk worm pupae imported from South Korea, and it's basically like a bean with a soft shell, but I've never had fried insects before and I think it'd be pretty cool.
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    I had fried frog's legs once and they were okay, but kinda mushy and chewy. Wasn't a huge fan. It could have just been that place's frog legs, so I would consider trying them again maybe.

    I've had a little teeny tiny bit of alligator once, in a dish but I could barely taste it. I'd like to try a larger portion of it sometime. What I've tried, I did like

    As for other ethnic foods, I LOVE Indian curry. We have an Indian restaurant down the road that is pricey but fantastic every now and then. Their naan kicks ASS. Thai cuisine is amazing too; a little less expensive, and lots of variety. The other day I had some sort of peanut sauce chicken dish, with sliced cabbage and other veggies. It was delisssssssssh. Oh and also, sushi I could eat my weight in goddamn sushi

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    I'm a picky eater with gastric issues that have cropped up so I don't get too crazy with what I eat anymore.

    Probably the weirdest stuff I've eaten is just stuff like dinuguan/chocolate meat, meat stewed in pig blood and spices. Tried meats like bison, ostrich, deer, and such. All good but very different in texture so I just stick with boring beef. Also tried tongue. Do not like. Texture thing.

    Will never eat balut. @D4C couldn't wait to try and loved it but NO.
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    camel meat

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    I've had camel meat, in the Middle East the A&W restaurants use it for burgers instead of beef. Definitely tastes different.

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    I've had: ostrich burger. It was just a bite of my friend's, and it was like 6 for this tiny thing. Nice, but can't justify the price!

    My dad tried: alligator. He said YEEEEUUUUUCK.

    Want to try: locusts - stir fried. My friend did a whole month eating only bugs.
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    I've had quite a few interesting things since meeting my wife:

    Frogs Legs
    Duck's Blood Salad
    and most recently, I had a cock testicle.

    Most I liked (Iguana is like eating a belt, very tough). I'd eat Balut every day if I could (but was very afraid to try it and only did because I didn't want to offend her brother).
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