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    I think Barthood got a lot of praise because it was the first episode in a long time where the writers were trying to make the characters act serious and put some kind of emotion into the script. Plus, like BlueRibbonCommittee said, it was the first episode since Lisa's Wedding where Bart isn't depicted as being a complete loser. And they actually gave us a look into Bart and actually showed why he's the way he is, instead of just going "lol, Bart is evil and retarded" like usual, by actually showing how Lisa overshadowed him and Homer's crap parenting, and how damaging those things can be to someone.

    I didn't think that was great though. For one thing, Bart's whining did annoying at times. Also, Bart deciding to continue drawing as a job didn't seem to be really built up that much. And I thought Lisa ignoring Bart complaining about how she overshadows him made her come off as unsympathetic to his problems and kind of made her look like a jerk. Also the ending where Bart draws that image of Lisa felt too forced and unearned, especially until that point, the whole episode seemed to imply Bart hated Lisa his whole life, but now suddenly he draws this nice picture of her and loves her. Plus it also goes the episode's moral about how Bart should let go of his resentment of Lisa, but he only becomes a success once he completely cuts her out of his life and doesn't speak to her for years (so resenting his sister did solve his problems after all!). I think I liked if it had been more like Bart and Homer's relationship, where they still talk to each other but aren't really that close, but I guess having Bart and Lisa never really reconciling with each other would have been too depressing.

    In regards to Maggie, my only real complaint was how she suddenly showed up in that party. It's weird enough that Maggie would be an older kid's party, but I don't think she even appeared in that episode until that moment, so I thought it was going to be an alternate reality where Maggie never existed, but then she suddenly shows up at the end for one quick scene. Then why wasn't she in that episode until that moment? I guess the writers will just turn her into a background character just to get out of actually having to give her a line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlphaOmega View Post
    In regards to Maggie, my only real complaint was how she suddenly showed up in that party. It's weird enough that Maggie would be an older kid's party, but I don't think she even appeared in that episode until that moment, so I thought it was going to be an alternate reality where Maggie never existed, but then she suddenly shows up at the end for one quick scene. Then why wasn't she in that episode until that moment? I guess the writers will just turn her into a background character just to get out of actually having to give her a line.
    She was at Bart’s BMX tournament.
    ah (as in apple)-tuh-eef

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    okay, let's face it.
    your opinion on Barthood aside (I personally liked it, but that's not the point), you have to agree that the ending (the part with Bart in his shop, I mean) was really really forced, anticlimatic and just a stupid thing a writer would do to put lisa in good light (even though the episode is from Bart's Point of View (not literally), and to bart, she is NOT shown in a good light at all in all the episode)
    let's face it, the only time Bart was happy in the episode was when lisa wasn't in his life (I.E the part where he leaves the party, and (it is implied, let's face it) the Simpson household)

    I'm Bart, who are you? by The No Homers Club

    Simpson Season 27 rating: (Rate average: B-)
    Every man's Dream B-/ Cue Detective C+/ Puffless C/ Halloween of Horror A-/ THOHXXVI D+/ Friend with Benefit D-/ Lisa with an 'S' C-/ Paths of Glory A-/ Barthood B-/ The Girl Code D+/ Teenage Mutant Milk-caused Hurdles C-/ Much Apu About Something B-/ Gal of Constant Sorrow B/ Lisa the Veterinarian D-/ The Marge-ian Chronicles A/ The Burns Cage D+/ How Lisa Got Her Marge Back B-/ Fland Canyon A/ To Courier With Love C/ Simprovised B+/ Orange is the new Black A-

    Average: B-

    Simpson Season 28 Rating:
    Monty Burn's Flying Circus C-/ Friends and Family C/ The Town A/ Treehouse of Horrors XXVII B / Trust But Clarify B+/ There Will Be Buds A+/ Havana Wild Weekend B-/ Dad Behavior C/ The Last Traction Hero C, The Nightmare After Krustmas C-/ Pork and Burns B-/ The Great Phatsby D-/ Fatzcaraldo B-/ The Cad and The Hat B+/ Kamp Krustier B-/ 22 for 30 B+/ A Father's Watch C-/ The Caper Chaser F/ Looking for Mr. Goodbart B-/ Moho House C-/ Dogtown D+

    Average: C+

    Simpsons Season 29 Rating:
    Serfsons D-/ Springfield Splendor B+/ Whistler's Daughter B/ TreeHouse of Horror XXVIII F/Grampy Can Ya Hear Me B/The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used to Be C-/ Singin' in the Lane C/

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    Walking Big & Tall 2.7/10

    # No thoughts on couch gag. Short, passable.
    # Someone speaks at a podium who looks like a weird mix between Old Jewish Man and Gil.
    # The mayor (this takes place in the past) has an incredibly bizzarre character design. He looks like something out of Schoolhouse Rock.
    ½- The "Springfield" song is not very good, but I've heard much worse.
    ½+ Moe showing how many states and countries have copied their anthem was very slightly amusing.
    - Moe's voice sounds really off and bad for ten seconds or so.
    + Moleman becoming the victim elicited a chuckle from me though.
    -½ A really forced celebrity cameo by Pharrel Williams! The guy behind that annoying "Happy" song... Hooray.
    + At least they quickly shun him unlike many other celebrities on the show.
    - Even more forced is the callback to Stark Raving Dad. That wasn't even such a great episode.
    - Bart is okay with maybe not getting brownies for helping Lisa write the song? That doesn't sound alike him at all.
    - A montage showing Bart and Lisa writing the new anthem. M-E-H.
    --- Showing Maggie and Gerald being friends again! FUCKING STOP ALREADY!
    # When talking about how great they are at being a team, Bart references The Wachowskis. Whatever.
    --- GOD WHAT A TERRIBLE SONG!!! The singing is completely off-key, the lyrics are so lazily written it's almost on par with Lisa Goes Gaga (not quite there, but pretty close) and a "PrideSpringfield" hashtag joke?! FUCK YOU!
    + Thankfully however, the bad taste from my mouth is temporarily removed, since Homer creating tension when barely able to get up from his chair is funny. This sequence is surprisingly well-animated and Mr. Burns not allowing Squeaky Voiced Teen to sit beside him was the best joke.
    + The "Spinning news articles" gag is parodied by having Marge herself spinning it around for Homer.
    -- Well, I should have expected this, but still. How many goddamn plots do we need about Homer losing weight???
    # In a twist, it turns out Homer accidentally attends a group where everyone are proud of being overweight. Hmmmm... Let's see where this goes.
    + Kevin Michael Richardson guest stars. He does put bring a little bit of comedy due to his voice alone, even though the jokes aren't that good.
    # 11:42 The infamous shot of Homer infinitely much taller and big as a house.
    - A stupid scene with Homer talking to his weight scale.
    ++ Homer counts all the fat shaming insults his bar pals can no longer use. Whadda surprise, I actually laughed out loud. They managed to do a successful list joke for once!
    -- Julio... Enough said. Not even Richardson can save this.
    --- Unbelievable. Homer chooses a bunch of fat men instead of his wife and so we have... tadadada... ANOTHER MARRIAGE CRISIS EPISODE! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
    - Oh hey, there's actually a plot about Bart and Lisa writing songs. Guess it was just "forgotten" about.
    --- Jesus Christ, this is extremely clunky and cringeworthy. Bart and Lisa show up to SAVE A MARRIAGE but haven't even written a song and start arguing with each other. Marge starts whining but Homer is being an insensitive dumbass, which means they haven't SAVED THEIR MARRIAGE yet. This is to the point of fucking unaware self parody. I'm not surprised Every Man's Dream aired only 9 episodes later.
    -- Uuuuuuh... I guess Richardson died now?! What the fuck...
    -- Followed by an embarrassing awkward funeral scene. Richardson had so many ashes some guy just keeps bringing more and more... Ha ha ha. Look at me dying of laughter.
    + Homer finding out he was only 23 though was actually kinda shocking and a little funny.
    --- Oh for God's sake... Now we cut to Homer going through different weight stages, all up until the future where he finally lost weight successfully. ARE YOU TAKING THIS TOO FAR ALREADY?!
    --- By the way, what exactly happened with Bart and Lisa writing songs?
    + Cut to Moleman shouting to the horse, which makes it let him off. Finally something good happens to him.

    Talk about an episode which only got worse and worse as it progressed! Not that it ever was good, but at least it was only pretty meh at first, which had me thinking "Well, all right, guess I'll whip out a 5/10 at the end of it", but it had to settle for awful! Everything here is overblown and overdramatic to the point where I can't even understand how Michael Price wrote this sober. Although if he did, I still won't let him off the hook. Jesus, what happened? He started off writing some episodes I actually enjoyed, those being My Mother The Carjacker, Mommie Beerest and My Fair Laddy (I didn't mention 'Tis The Fifteenth Season since I think it's overrated). But now he's like everybody else in the crew. Anyway, first we get everyone being upset over the unoriginal Springfield anthem, so Bart and Lisa get their heads together and write a new one. And dear God, I couldn't wait for this song to end. Not like the original anthem was good, but it wasn't mindnumbingly terrible. This on the other hand was! Just... Jesus! What the fuck was that all about?! Then the episode abruptly starts focusing on Homer's weight instead, and becomes the real main plot. Look, I know what the title of the episode is. But seriously??? They show Homer before the song starts struggling to get into the chair, but I just thought was a generic "Homer's a fatso" joke. How in the hell did they think we would come to the conclusion that it was foreshadowing the real main plot? Bad, bad, bad, bad writing. And also, why does this become the main plot? Stories about Homer's weight has been thousands of times! And come to think about it, not even him coming to terms with his own weight is original, AS WE ALREADY HAD THAT WITH KING SIZE HOMER! They can't even remember they've already flipped the coin?! Kevin Michael Richardson guest stars as a stupid fat man, but he was only funny in the first scene. After a while, his character just got on my nerves instead and I didn't feel anything at all when he died. Yep. he died! What the hell...! They also try to cram Bart and Lisa writing songs into the episode then again, but all it does is result in the two of them having a very unfunny fight. And if you thought the weight stuff was bad enough... WE HAVE ANOTHER GODDAMN FUCKING MARRIAGE CRISIS! Please just STOP!
    Despite all this, it's not quite a 1 or a 2 since the episode took a while to get truly deplorable. Sooooo...
    Split rating?! Whatever. Fuck.
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    "KONY 2012"

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    yeah I will admit there wasn't much enthusiasm put into the new Springfield song, and the episode turning into a marriage crisis ruined it for me

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    The Girl Code 1/10

    # Only clouds, no extensive intro or couch gag.
    + Marge panicking over Homer forgetting his lunch (and imagining him gettin' so tired he falls into acid) was pretty funny.
    # Homer has a poster of senator Elisabeth Warren in his office. This is a really, really weird joke.
    -- Marge was nice to get over and bring him his lunch, but after a painfully insincere "Thanks" he just shoves her out??? What a great husband!
    -- "Facelook". Fuck you.
    ? Lenny is in front of an Emergency Eye Wash Station, but he proceeds to pour the flavored water into his mouth? I don't get it. The sound he also makes sounds creepily unlike Lenny.
    -- The plot begins. A new teacher is going to teach a networking class some coding. Every single male student in a classroom are dumb sexists 'cause plot conveniece, but the teacher herself is an unsympathetic caricatyre. I'm already not liking this.
    -- "This looks like a "pencil fest". HAHAHA, 'CAUSE "SAUSAGE FEST", HAHAHA! Are you freaking kidding me?
    --/+ More interneting. Cringeworthily executed as per usual, but Marge's bad pun (Homer standing in front of a reactor and her typing "MELTDOWN" referring to the ice cream he holds) was cute.
    + Burns' sour response to the joke got some serious chuckles out of me.
    ¾+ Lisa talking to Bart but not noticing he goes over to the other side of the sidewalk was moderately amusing.
    -- When Marge says they have to cut back on money, Homer cancels out her birthday present. This is how she finally has another birthday?! I hate these throwaway "canon but not canon" bits with the new episodes. Not as horrendous as Mr. Bergstrom's random appearance (as that was one of the biggest middlefingers to the fans ever) but still!
    --- All of a sudden the male students in the class have gotten around to the new teacher and want to be helpful. But then she goes "Fuck y'all, women only" and only wants Lisa. The satire is honestly lost on me.
    -- Comic Book Guy is the only guy in a room with female programmers and say "Every single thing I say offends them." The programmers ask him "Who are "them"?" and he sighs. Seriously, the satire is fucking lost on me. Is this episode supposed to put feminists in a good or bad light? Also, why is he there at all?
    -- Lisa has now finally completed her app which controls and eliminates indecency. One of those are people dressed up in nazi costumes fired from the Museum Of Tolerance. Ha...?
    -- Homer says he hates modern technology "and its crazy words", then tells Siri to bring him a beer. Stop, stop, stop.
    - He hates it so much he returns to his old job on a Greek resturant and... takes dishes??? Does this make sense to anyone at all?
    -- Lisa has now invented "Conrad", who is supposed to eradicate any nastiness to be posted online, a British guy. Now I'm guessing this episode is parodying people out for political correctness, which it does horribly.
    +/- A montage at the Greek resturant follows, which admittedly has nice music but the montage itself is so goddamn silly and obvious filler material. Everyone in Springfield just popping out of nowhere and dancing in a ring??? Why is this subplot even here?
    --- Bart gets a warning about posting an embarrassing video with Skinner, and decides not to do it or he'll get five weeks detention. But then Lisa makes sure it's posted anyway just to make sure "Conrad" really works?! Nice going Lisa, you jerk.
    # Lisa imagines her app comes alive, but it's only imaginary since she's a tired programmer. Well, at least they didn't make him live for real, that would have been even stupider.
    - The Greek (not even about the resturant anymore) continues. This is just bland and unfunny, not to mention Moe having a hostile attitude against the Greeks (and Homer behaving like one) only to in the next second dance with them is so stupid and out-of-character for him.
    - Marge says "Cowabunga" to Homer's chest hair. Wh
    --- Conrad... actually is alive! The hell???? Now he doesn't want Lisa to make him a world phenomenon or he'll have to read all of the horrible texts. So, uuuuuh... HOW THE FUCK CAN THIS FUCKING APP BE ALIVE?
    --- Conrad can escape by... escaping into the clouds and... I don't know. I don't know what's going on! Now, in regard to the female programmers, I can FINALLY see what they are going for, that there are too few females in the technology industry. But the satire has been so confusing and all over the place that it took so long for me to even remotely get this episode's point, is truly, truly awful. Also, the reason Lisa decides not to help them but help Conrad instead is because "she's fragile" just like Conrad. What the fuck does this even mean? That she can't stand the world's cruelty? Yeah, but that's why she invented Conrad with them. How is that supposed to make sense to them whatsoever since they don't even think Conrad is really alive? Holy fuck, man! Were they high on mushrooms writing this episode?!
    --- Whatever, now Conrad proves to them he's alive.
    - The app tells them we have to think for ourselves about what we're saying, which I guess is a thoughtful message, but would work better in something which isn't a jumbled fucking mess.
    -- Conrad blackmails Mr. Burns to get Homer his job back. Status-quo-is-God-bullshit.

    Absolute garbage. This is quite possibly one of the most nonsensical episodes ever made. So much in fact that who knows, maybe I got something wrong! But who can blame me when it's not even evident which direction the satire is steering in? First it looks like they are parodying "hardcore feminists", then it looks like they are parodying the evergrowing sexism (or well, actually they kinda do the first two at the same time), then it's "political correctness"... It's not until the 18th minute it finally feels like there's a real message behind, but the rest of the episode (and even this) is so poorly handled it will still leave the audience scratching their heads. If this episode was made long, and I mean long ago, we could've had an episode which shows feminism in a positive light much better instead of this unfocused pile of crap. Internet was still around when season 9 aired, maybe then? But season 27? Hell no. Just look at this shit. This episode is so fucking poorly made that some people even interpreted it as an anti-feminist episode even though that's likely not the case. They could have made it a ton more obvious by not coming up with a complete caricatyre of a character (who instead of trying to teach the male students tolerance by giving them a chance to get along with the females and work with them, gave them fucking gym class hours). I couldn't believe what I was watching.
    Motherfucking awful, misshandled so-called "satirical" outing. I wasn't even as angry when I watched this episode since it mostly only bored me, but typing out the remaining part of this review I'm pissed off over how offensively stupid it is.

    P.S. Greek subplot sucked.
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    so glad this was one of the only simps season 27 episodes i caught
    absolute ass this was
    pre sure i was more enthralled in my phone than this
    Quote Originally Posted by kupomog
    father dies while son tinychats

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    I actually liked this episode, thought the jokes were good, and I thought the plot was interesting.
    You're a dolt with the IQ of a peabrain that probably loves lowbrow sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, Frasier and Seinfeld to not grasp the biting satire and wit of the classic 65 (Rugrats).

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    The Girl Code is a great episode.

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    Havana Wild Weekend 1/10

    # No opinion on couch gag.
    ? Is Vulture's Nest a parody of something or just a character vehicle for the richos in town?
    ½- Wasn't funny.

    Abe wets on the rug, which worries Marge and makes her want to take him to a nursing home.

    ½+ Someone offers Abe help. "I can see him for 5 minutes... in 23 years from now." was a little amusing, even though the delivery was weak.
    ? Homer has a dream about a bay of pigs. Why the hell do three people appear who all sound like Mayor Quimby, even in how they speak? Is that the joke?
    # Sick reference to Trudeau, Abe!
    - He can't even eat cooked bananas. Why are they making his character so ridiculously pathetic?
    -- We have a crappy list joke where someone just tells Homer what you can do in Cuba, and he resorts with snarky responses. Holy hell, this episode is boring.
    -- Abe's face looks so ugly to Maggie she wants to delete it from her memory, Abe is scared of a freakin' shirt and a doctor nonchalantly tells the family the shirt has to be returned when he croaks. This is just fucking sad, it's not funny.
    - "Cubagasm" is a stupid word.
    # The cab driver sounds like Jasper.
    -- Okay, so now instead of Abraham acting like he's gonna fucking die, this is now instead a routine vacation episode. I don't like this either.
    - Also, am I the only one extremely bothered by how Homer acts like he's never been to Cuba? He traveled there with Mr. Burns.
    + Okay, Jasper's line "I'm sending him a picture of my junk" only for it to turn out to be a pile of random crap was pretty good. It's a childish joke, but sadly the only one so far I like.
    - When Abe is talking to a bartender who hits on him: "Hey, Macarina! For me that's a topical reference!" ... Funny.
    - Generic Hank Azaria character who is Abe's friend is introduced.
    - Homer just stays in watching Fidel Castro all day and cheers on him. First of all... WHAT? What the hell kind of dumb joke is this? And secondly, this is probably the most missed opportunity for a good callback. I know callbacks are often lazily done on this show, but when you have a main character who actually has been to a country and yet acts like he's never been there, that's gonna bother me.
    --- Abe doesn't want to stay, goes missing, the family finds him, blablabla... Jesus, this is the most clichéd episode ever!
    --- It turns out the bar waitress who Abe got smitten by is an airforce pilot who wants him with her. But he manages to get out of it for like seconds. Wh
    --- Blablablablablablaeverybody'shappyblablabla

    Oh sorry, did I fall asleep? Well, that's no wonder, because...

    There are worse ones, even though that doesn't say much, and trust me it really doesn't say much. But holy hell, as much as I absolutely hate Every Man's Dream (and this doesn't take away from it being my least favorite episode)... stuff happened. It had a storyline to follow, it had a structure. This was just a complete nothingness mess. Every minute through I was utterly bored to death, more so than Abraham Simpson himself. You know an episode sucks when the only good joke is a fucking dick pic pun. And that's not even like a Simpsons joke. WHERE WAS THE ENERGY? WHERE WAS THE ENTHUSIASM? They basically wrote an episode about Abe without bothering to do anything interesting with him. First they go out of their way to make him look as weak, frail and lifeless as possible, to the point where he can't even chew down baby food. He acts so miserable that you're wondering where the good ol' lively Abe with his fun stories and hilarious sassy insults went. There's not a trace of him anywhere. He's just portrayed as a poor old man, and it fucking angers me. He and Mr. Burns are just the exact same characters now. And they used to be different, but neither of them came off as just plain pathetic. Then after he starts getting happier, guess what happens then?
    It gets even worse, since now it's just about nothing. It's your standard travel episode which happens to have Abe in the spotlight. That's it. And his dialogue is so dull, any of his lines could have been given to any other character, and that's when your writing really sucks. Because you're not seeing lines for Abe, you're just seeing lines with Abe happens to utter. It's a disturbing burial of someone who was once one of the best characters ever. It makes even Homer seem more like his old self.
    Oh well, we can at least have the family do something interesting. No? I don't even remember what the hell Marge and the kids spent their time doing, and Homer is for some stupid reason shown blindly digging Fidel Castro while watching TV at home. They might as well have not even bothered involving them in the plot, Abe could have gone on a travel all by himself and it wouldn't make enough of a difference that anyone would care.
    And the resolution is some fuckin' Changing Of The Guardian on the level of how lazy and insultingly rushed it is. Abraham gets lost, but is found in a minute tops of the episode's running time. The waitress he hooks up with wants him to drive a plane, but he negotiates with her a little and she lets him off. Then they are all happy and it ends with Homer, Bart and Abe pranking people at golf, then another showing of whatever the hell Vulture's Nest is.

    Holy mackarel of shit. This really was as bad as everybody said!!!
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    I was wondering when I would see this thread again

    I didn't find it to be that bad, but I do agree with the blackboard gag, being right does suck. The only thing that really caught my mind was that stupid Dragon's Den/Shark Tank reference and even that wasn't very good, since when was Lindsay Naegle that wealthy on the same level as Burns and the Rich Texan.

    the ending was so rushed

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    Havana was pretty awful, but it provided me with a couple laughs, so at least it's not completely dull. just... 99 percent

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    A Midsummer's Nice Dream 2/10

    # Couch gag is okay.
    # Well, it's quick to the point. The episode starts right off with Kent announcing a Cheech and Chong reunion tour. Homer chuckling at a stupid week joke was a little smirkworthy, but there's nothing really of note so far.
    --They fail at their live sketch, so Homer decides to help them out. 6 minutes in, and this episode just plain isn't funny. I like Tommy Chong, he's very funny on That 70's Show (haven't seen anything with Marin yet though), but he hasn't even made me chuckle so far.
    # An audience member says he doesn't find this funny. I agree.

    And I'm not sure why, but it feels really odd hearing Homer talk about getting high all the time like he was a stoner, except he isn't one. I guess the joke is he so desperately wants to fit on, but I still think it's pretty out-of-place.

    -- Springfielders are doing stand-up in an audition for Chong (who's looking for a new partner), and none of them are the least bit funny. I remember when this show was great at telling bad jokes in a funny way, like Krusty for instance. Mad About Shoe is a classic. This is not. And Ralph does his usual I pick my nose/I eat glue joke. It's so predictable. Skinner gets picked because he's the unfunniest one (meaning that's in a way funny itself), but the ones before him were far worse, just awful.
    - Marge and Lisa meet Crazy Cat Lady and feel sorry for her. Lisa especially wants to help her. Now we have a set-up for a subplot about a character who only was funny the first few times.
    - Homer continues making crappy weed jokes and explains one by shouting "MARIJUANA REFERENCE!". Man, this is bad.
    Marge helps Cat Lady get rid of the crap she has hoarded over the years, and... becomes a hoarder herself. Wow, did NOT see that coming!
    +/- Cheech is proud of Homer's stand-up performance and rewards him. Homer imagines what kind of reward he could get, and even though this is yet another annoying "Homer wants to be a stoner" bit, I gotta give credit to the sequence being well-animated at least. The singing however is horrendous.
    - We see Chong's stand-up with Skinner and it's... not funny.
    --- Homer does a rehearsal with Cheech and... wow. This is just terribly lazy humor. The whole joke is that Homer is supposed to sniff his butt (they are dressed as dogs), but he gets yelled at for not being "into it" enough. WHAT THE HELL AM I WATCHING?
    --- The Crazy Cat Lady comes over to help Marge from his boarding. Now that she's fine and healthy. But she becomes a hoarder again herself as a result of it. This is just sad. Not amusing or "Haha, how ironic". Just sad. You gotta hate Homer as well, who just tells Marge to leave the poor woman alone, dooming her to a lonely miserable life again.
    -- Cheech and Chong finally do a stand-up together again, and good God this is just painfully dry. I still haven't laughed once at any of their lines.
    --- Bart ends the episode with a terrible rhyme summing it up. And what's with saying "You can watch us on Hulu". What's so funny about that???
    --- Never mind, it actually ends with, yet again, the "DAVE'S NOT HERE" bit. It wasn't good the first time, it sure as hell isn't now.

    Man. Christ. That was one boring pile of garbage. I feel like they wrote it just to make all the stoner jokes they could think, only problem being that they are so damn obvious and uncreative it's not the least bit funny. I know I've mentioned that word negatively a lot in this review, but I had to since this really is the case. THERE ARE NO GUFFAWS, WHATSOEVER. You'd think there were considering the guest stars, but nope. Doesn't even close to anything resembling a smile whenever they talk, which I think has to be because of how they are made deliberately boring. In every scene it's like "Hahaha, aren't they dull???" and I just wonder how I'm supposed to laugh at that. Homer is just irritating, trying so hard to act like a stoner when he doesn't even smoke, so it's just weird. The subplot starts off what Lisa wanting to help Crazy Cat Lady at first with Marge onboard, but then turns into Marge getting into hoarding instead, which ends in the worst way possble. But even that was better than the godawful story with Homer wanting to be Cheech's new stand-up partner. There was no brain put into any of the jokes, the worst of them being Homer sniffing Cheech's ass. How did that one make the final cut?!?! I would've yelled or at least rolled my eyes at the person coming up with it if I was in the writing room.
    I can see why this is pkkao's least favorite episode. It's aggressively stupid and one of the most borderline we-don't-give-a-shit outputs.

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    But that's how Basketball Jones was sung

    So you haven't seen Spy Kids or the Lion King or the Nuttiest Nutcracker?

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    Dogtown 3.5/10

    ½+ Not a bad couch gag. Got a smirk from me at least.
    # The title and intro sequence appears now instead, then segues into the episode itself.
    # Like another episode it opens with Homer having trouble with the GPS. Only this time it leads to him hitting Gil (when standing between hitting him or Santa's Little Helper).
    ½+ Homer tells his kids to give their best worried looks. Okay joke.
    + Homer telling Maggie to pretend he disappears ending up with him actually getting confused over where he goes was fairly funny thanks to his screams.
    - I know this is just a joke, but it makes no sense. Bart, dressed as a nose, is ready to "put Gil in a coma" with a needle, but when he can't he injects it into Homer instead. Yet he doesn't even fall asleep from it.
    ½+ Gil gets trampled on when people find reasons to go back into the courtroom. Not a bad joke, but its execution and staging could have been a lot better.
    # Another joke about what state Springfield is in is made. Meh, it's getting old at this point.

    Quimby decides to make Springfield a dog friendly town, hopefully making the state more popular for once. A montage follows with wacky dog stuff, but it's not really particularly inspiring.

    - Dr.Lionel makes an appearance. Of all the one-time characters to make a regular, why is this guy one of them? Then again, they made Shauna a regular, and she's way worse.
    + Homer forces Snowball II to drag Santa's Little Helper in to make a "Look what the cat dragged in" pun. That's... actually kinda brilliant.
    # A dog starts following Homer as he walks home drunk, and for some reason it turns all red and double. Why? You needed 3D glasses or something?

    The dogs turning evil because of their increased amount of power is not uninteresting, but for some reason I don't really find myself laughing. Isn't that the reaction they wish to emote?

    -- HAHA, WILLIE IS A DOG, HAHAHA! Damn. Terrible joke.
    + Barney: "I thought I was the town failure!" Moe: "You're not even that!" Barney: "Aaaaaw..." Ha, poor Barney.
    - Gil suddenly steps into the plot, and now Bart and Lisa step into the plot trying to find Santa's Little Helper... Uuuuh... Losing focus much? Instead of finding him though they get ganged up on by a large pack of hostile dogs.
    --- Jesus Christ, this is absolutely terrible. Marge gets completely out-of-character and kicks a little chihuahua, then she gives a speech about how we should all be grateful for dogs either way. Yeah, that really adds up to what you just fucking did! And Kavner's voice acting as she delivers the speech is just really freaking hard to watch.
    --- So Gil's role was just useless? He arrives late and got the time to do literally NOTHING. I know Gil is just a joke character and supposed to fail, but give the guy a goddamn break for ONCE! Let he do SOMETHING he succeeds at! Instead we have Marge saving the day since she was faster, which is completely ridiculous.
    --- Wow, did this episode go extremely downhill or what? The status quo is lazily restored with Marge returning all the dogs to their rightful owners, and then when Snowball II feels left out as everyone hugs Santa's Little Helper (well, not Homer, I don't know where he is), Lisa says to her "You'll have your day." Hey, I thought Lisa actually liked Snowball II??? Also, Willie is still a dog. Because that sure was funny the first time!
    --- But wait. There's more. Gil feels sad over getting no respect once again, but finds a dog to cheer himself up. But after it's licked his face, the dog says in its own language it really just wanted a taste of when he's dead. REALLY? REALLY? You can't even have a little dog lick him out of friendliness?? Enough with the Gil abuse already!
    + I appreciate the music score at the end though, even though I don't like the context for it. The cinematic buff in me sets in.

    Yeah, wow. This episode didn't start off so bad. There were some stupid moments like with any HD episode, but they didn't feel prominent enough it'd end up being the biggest problem. But then when the dogs get evil it's not as exciting as it could have been, and it suddenly gets very disjointed towards the end. You may ask yourself, since Gil is a part of the story, doesn't that mean he should get something to do? They hint at it at first, but then they cut away from him and focus on Bart and Lisa trying to find their beloved dog. What? WHY? What about Gil?! Well, I'll tell you about Gil. He doesn't do jack shit. Super mom Marge is the saver instead, in the most hamfisted way possible. She just happened to know exactly where her kids went fast enough to arrive there right on time to save them from the vicious dogs! "But Gil?" Like I just said, he does nothing. He shows up too late and feels embarrassed. And in the end a dog wants to kill him. Yep. That's nice. That's really fair for good ol' Gil. Sigh. I can't say I'm the biggest Gil fan (starting off as a nice gag character in the Scully era, he turned into an irritating overly pathetic wimp later on), but even so I still think it's not too much to ask to give him at least a little luck. Even Moleman at least managed to get a date once! Gil however? Nothing.

    I didn't care much for the plot in general either. Are dogs worth more than humans? Not a question unworthy to discuss, but the way this episode handled it just makes it look cheap and cringey. In the end the message has to be forcedly delivered by Marge anyway since they didn't get the point across well enough earlier.

    Really bad finale. Worse than Cowardge since at least that story had more of a narrative to it. They are both incredibly boring though.

    Also, who the heck cares about Lionel Budgie?

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    did we all forget that Gil was pretty successful as a lawyer? it's a shame they didn't keep him at that

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    Fland Canyon 5/10

    + Fine couch gag. Of course it's just there to eat up time, but whatever.
    # The TV instrumental has one extra beat.
    + The opening with Homer and Maggie is not bad and kinda cute.
    ½- A joke where Homer says "Zip it" comes from the Bible could have been good, but they butchered it.
    # What the hell was with that bit where Lenny is addicted to syringes?
    # Homer has "octopus" as his safeword is Flanders gets too annoying. Meh.
    + I like him moaning overexaggeratedly when he gets to a bathroom. It went on for a little too long, but still worked.
    # Maude's first lines start at the 8th minute.

    Homer and Bart fight with snakes, the Flanderses start annoying Homer with their singing. There's not really anything particularly bad so far, but the laughs are not there. Which is kinda bad already, but still. Flanders gets annoyed by Homer's snoring,

    # Homer's line "Now it's time to go downhill" is painfully ironic.
    - Oh... Forced Marge/Maude conflict. Fine.
    -- Fidget spinners flying in the air? Come on now.
    + Okay, that bizzarre nightmare with Milhouse being Bart's puppet was kinda funny.
    + I like the sight gag of Homer literally making shooting stars.
    + Homer and Flanders getting stranded is not too bad. Like, at least something's finally happening, plus I really like them singing along "playing" on food instruments.
    - Oh, a Lisa-eats-meat joke... Funny.
    + It ends on a fine note, with Homer and Flanders going on a trip by themselves... to the postcard museum.
    - But I guess the feud with Marge and Maude just amounted to nothing? Okay...

    Meeeeeh... I don't know. At first it was really, really boring. I'm talking pretty much nothing going on at all. Not a huge amount of awful jokes, but not many good ones to make up for it. I don't get the point with setting up a conflict between Marge and Maude. We gets two brief scenes or so with it, and then nothing more. Bart and Lisa get nothing interesting, just there for some dumb jokes. Bart getting angsty about Flanders going is just... uuuuh, okay? Lisa eating lots of pork in the flashback because she wasn't a vegetarian then. That's just... it's too easy of a joke to make. Way too easy.
    But then it gets a little better once we get to just see Homer and Flanders bonding, since you believe that underneath these two could have a great friendship. I liked the two of them singing, and the ending was fairly nice. Unfortunately, it takes way too long before it gets to that point, so the episode doesn't have much time improve. So in the end, it's just... not much. I will say they put more effort into the animation, so you could really feel the settings. I guess that's my last positive.

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    (Originally posted April 3, 2018)
    Halloween Of Horror 9.5/10

    # Clouds only. Selman really hates intros, doesn't he?
    + Lisa is showing her more childlike side instead of the typical know-it-all one we usually see nowadays. That's a good sign.
    + Homer gets tricked by a couple of suspicious types to get in on a really good deal, but that he can't tell "old man Squishy" (Apu). Of course he does anyway, not understanding who they mean.
    ++ I love the part where the punks tells Homer that he's gonna be sorry, and Homer keeps insisting he already is.
    + Homer telling Lisa that they can't leave the Krustyland park even though she's scared because of the money he spent made me chuckle.
    + We get a nice little Moleman joke where Homer is oblivious he's not holding Lisa's hand.
    ++ This is amazing characterization of Lisa. You really feel her terror, the one that children so commonly go through. Her increasing panic and eventual collapse feels very realistic.
    ++ The park security being so overdramatic with how scared Lisa gets is hilarious.
    + Skinner ruining Bart's costume is really amusing: "And the eye-patch, could be offensive to those who are half-blind."
    + Really welldone animation in the school corridor where the drawings come to life.
    +++ Then we have the parents being terrified of Lisa possibly taking "Tailey" as a comfort, with creepy music playing and everything, with Homer's fantastic line "The glue didn't hold."
    ++ "I don't want to be rude, but you sad losers should go suck somewhere else."
    + Nice atmosphere when he looks for the punks ringing the doorbell again and they're gone.
    + Homer whistling the Halloween theme as a "happy tune" isn't funny by itself, but I found myself smiling once Lisa starting humming on it too.
    + "Why are we going to Flanders' house?" "I don't know, I want to find out which one is Rod and which one is Max."
    + We get a fun unexpected musical number where adults sing about what happens at Halloween after the kids have gone to sleep.
    ++ Lisa deciding to give up Tailey in order to save herself and her dad is handled in an almost shockingly dramatic manner, like I'm watching a movie.
    - Ralph Wiggum appears with a weird line delivery. Well, I guess there had to be at least one minus.
    + Just when you think it's suddenly gonna be a non-canon Halloween affair, it turns out Kang and Kodos are actually Carl and Lenny in disguises. Lenny losing the voice is a decent joke.

    At last. A modern episode hailed as good that is actually good. Well, it's more than good. It's really fucking great! This episode was everything The Simpsons was originally about. Lovable yellow characters who have heart but also their flaws, great humor that feels fresh and genuinely funny, a good story that utilizes the characters in a way that feels just right. Everything worked. All they did was a canon Halloween episode, and it was better than pretty much any other Halloween episode of the HD era. Not only was it funny, but it had a spooky atmosphere to it. It wasn't played just for laughs, it builds into something which makes you feel you're watching something that's supposed to evoke the feeling of horror. While it's not scary personally, it's exceptionally well-executed. The music, the directing, the tension... It all comes together. Outside of the part with Ralph Wiggum (and that's only because I really can't stand Ralph anymore), there is not a single miss. You could ask me and I'd struggle to think of something. The punks might be teenage vandalist stereotypes, but they do the job. You understand why both Lisa and Homer would feel scared of them. Speaking of that, Lisa was fantastically characterized the whole time. Not one single crammed in line about being a vegetarian, the saxophone or activism. Showing some restraint for once. Homer is the caring father we grew to know and love, and he gets a lot of the episode's best jokes. It was like watching Homer from the classic era.
    I'm not gonna hold back, I'm not gonna deduct points just because of how new it is. This is the single best episode of the entire HD era. Period. I don't see it ever being beaten, and I don't know if I will be this impressed again. I won't go so far to call it a miracle, but that they were able to make an offering like this so insanely late into the show proves that if the writing staff weren't so lazy. they'd be able to make something like this again. If they only wanted to.

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    (Originally posted April 23, 2018)
    Coming To Homerica 4.5/10

    # This is one of those intros that's long just for the sake of being long, but at least during the time the episode came out they were rarer. Oh, how they would increase with time...
    # "Spray a little nicotine juice on the kids' meals. Get 'em hooked." Jesus Krusty, now you're being evil, not just cheap.
    ½+ "You know, kids, the real The Drowningest Catch is maaan." Homer making some deep remark about a silly movie got a little smirk out of me.
    ? I have no idea what the title is parodying though.
    # Lisa's facial expression at 04:08 is interesting, to say the least. You can tell this was done during the early stages of the HD era.
    + Apu making a weird dance after he remarks "Now no one can tell me I'm not American" was a bit chuckleworthy. But so far there is not an explosive amount of humor.
    + I like the touch of everyone having a really bleak light yellow face.
    - Ugh, cringy Skinner/Chalmers bonding. It's been going on for this long?
    ½+ The Ogdenville "map" text turning out to be a group of people was a bit clever.
    - You can sadly notice Marge's voice getting worse with this episode. It's bearable at least and it's far from awful, but the age is definitely showing.
    + The weird sneeze was funny.
    ½- Homer's imitation of the sneeze... less so.
    -- So, uuuuh... When Homer says he's scared of xylophones, we get Largo fleeing out the exit door while playing xylophone at the same time. The animation, the execution of the joke... seriously, who approved this before airing?
    ½+ Homer attempting to strangle Bart just to bump into a sign that says Report Child Abuse wasn't a bad joke, but once again, not impressive or anything.
    -- Wiggum, when he's supposed to STOP Ogdenvillians from re-entering Springfield, just tells someone to pass through without any sort of check whatsoever and tells him it's FREE. Look, I know that Wiggum is supposed to be a parody of the lazy donut-eating police, but the way they are stretching his stupidity in newer seasons makes him so profoundingly idiotic that it's not even funny.
    # The mayor comes up with the idea to build a fence to keep the Ogdenvillians out. I refuse to make any comparison to "the wall".
    - Ralph tumbling like a tumbleweed... No. Please no.
    --- We see THREE, I repeat, THREE people get along with Ogdenvillians decently, and that's apparently all it takes for every single Springfieldan to feel guilty about being the fence and becoming friends with them instead. What could have been a meaningful ending about putting our differences aside and getting along doesn't work in the slightest because of how little time they take to build it up, and we end the episode with some Norwegian dance song. Okay then. That's very heartwarming, where are my tissues?

    This is such a colossal waste of potential. What could have been a cool premise if written coherently enough turns into a huge snorefest. Aside of a few light chuckles, there really was nothing in terms of the humor. I get the feeling sometimes that either new episodes try to insert so many jokes that many of them fall flat, or they forget to insert any jokes at all. This is one of those latter cases. Which makes it relatively more inoffensive, but also really not stand out. They do absolutely NOTHING with the premise besides make some really simple shots at out-of-towners, and even those are pretty tepid. The conflict doesn't feel serious enough to warrant such a dramatic turn either. We see the Springfielders get mildly annoyed, but not badly enough to drive them out of town. I didn't mention this before since I wasn't really sure what I thought about it, but Marge's hyperbolic reaction at hearing Maggie's "first" word in an Ogdenvillian accent is so absurd. You're not even slightly impressed your baby spoke? She literally tells them to "make the fence as tall as the sky and deeper than hell". Jesus freakin' fuck Marge, I had no idea you were so easily swayed into bigotry.
    For whatever reason as well, there are a lot of music montages forced into the episode, both long and short ones. One of my least favorite aspects of the HD era.
    As I rewatch episodes of season 20, I'm starting to think that it wasn't all we hyped it up to be at the time. Being the first one broadcast in HD I can understand going along a little with the hype at the time, but really, outside of Sex, Pies, Eeny Maya Moe and dare I even say it, Mypods And Broomsticks... is there really much of note in this season? I'm very disappointed looking back at it.

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    (Originally posted April 30, 2018)
    Forgive And Regret 6/10

    # Gunsmoke parody opening. Well, it was expected. However, I'm surprised they didn't have the whole parody of the theme in the actual episode, considering FOX posted it on their channel. How will they do when it comes to the DVD release?
    ? "No overt racism" The fuck does this joke even mean...
    # The name "Meth" MacFarlane shows up, an obvious pun on Seth MacFarlane.
    + Abe's rant about the lack of cinammon at the home when he can't even tolerate it was a little amusing.
    - Homer rolling up the window so he won't have to listen to Marge's nagging was pretty eyeroll-worthy.
    ½+ "The Car-Rack Obama Health Care Mobile! Which you can't kill no matter how much you try!", followed by people booing and throwing stuff at it. Slightly clever. Not incredibly funny, but not a bad joke.
    # Rolling up the window to block out disturbance seems to be a recurring gag in this episode.
    - Abe is cured! Well, that was fast.
    - Wow, Squeaky-Voiced Teen has gotten... way too squeaky!
    ½+ Lisa panicks over conflict and Bart suggests she leaves her body. Bart hitting Lisa after her soul leaves her body was amusing.
    -- Wow. That pie song, wow. Seriously, stop. Stop.
    + "I would have had hair!" "Homer, that's not realistic." "I would have been more realistic!"
    + "What you did was crap, grampa!" For some reason I just love Lisa swearing.
    + Marge's annoyance over Lisa mentioning jazz made me chuckle.
    -- Bad deux ex machina type plot twist with how the recipes were found.
    + Homer and Abe laughing and hugging together was a sweet little moment.

    This wasn't really the worst thing ever. It could have been crap like any other episode this season, but the story was decent enough that it was at least watchable. The jokes are generally not remarkable. I didn't take too many notes since there wasn't enough to comment on, and it still had that boring HD feel to it. But still, it wasn't a bad idea to have Abe do something really unforgivable that he later feels guilt about (even though it's far from the worst he's ever done). I actually cared about their relationship a bit, for the first time in ages. We've had so many "grampa sucks" jokes, especially in Grampy Can You Hear Me, that whenever they take him more seriously we get something better. I mean, sure, the family gets mad at him this time, but now there's an actual reason for it. And some of the jokes were quietly funny.
    But, I hate to say this, if it had been done in the classic era it would probably be amazing. This is a half-try effort for the HD era. I still felt a bit bored in some parts, especially at the beginning. They've had Monster Truck rally parts which were far more inventive and funnier than here. By this point it just feels played out instead. And the "self-aware" silly plot twist was probably the worst aspect about this episode (even though there wasn't as much overtly terrible stuff).
    It's okay. Not milestoneworthy, but then again that's pretty much been the case ever since they celebrated the 300th episode.

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    (Originally posted May 7, 2018)
    Left Behind 6.6/10

    # Couch gag is passable. Where is the full intro though? This is not a Selman episode.
    --- Horrendous delivery on Marge's "Dinner time!". And to make it worse, it's the first line spoken after the couch gag.
    ½+ Lenny misunderstanding Carl's warning to use the cardboard box to stand on instead of as glasses is mildly amusing.
    - Typical marriage troubles... Nothing out of the ordinary, but as usual just blasé.
    - And one of those glorious music montages! Once again, just the usual boring stuff.
    + As the plot kicks in, the jokes finally start to get better. Flanders singing along to the Christian version of I Love Rock 'N Roll for example, or Mr. Burns evilly shaking his fist at Flanders' smile globe that he puts on his desk.
    - Eh, the Sexual Harrassment class bit was a miss.
    + God's nodding reaction after Homer makes the argument that they are interrupting God's lunch by praying at lunch was a good bit.
    + Milhouse thinking Lisa misses her because he switched to black socks is probably the first time in very long where a joke with him has worked.
    + Flanders going from one job to another if a fun montage. Yes, there are actual written jokes instead of just a popular song playing over it. Refreshing, isn't it?
    + "I don't care what you say Marge, we gotta help him!" "I want to help him!" "Good good, the ice queen begins to thaw."
    + Flanders thinking God wants his help when it's really Duffman has to be the funniest part so far. I even liked the pun "Duffmankind".
    - These Rod and Todd bits are not all that funny.
    -- Oh come on, did you really have to throw in that unneccessary 10 second music montage? Jesus, HD era and their montages man...
    # Flanders is horrified over all the mayhem in the classroom, yet when he was a principal in Seymour Skinner's Badasssss Song, he didn't seem to mind it.
    ? Nelson puts another bumpersticker next to the other ones regarding teachers they made quit. Who are all the other teachers? What's also ominious is that he puts it as "Teachers iced", "iced" meaning killed. Does that mean he counts Edna Krabappel after she passed? Wow. That's morbid.
    + Hearing the portrait of Edna on the wall talk was a nice touch. A little eerie, but still! It's far better than her appearance as a ghost in another episode.
    + When Ned finally gets the students to respect him as a teacher (Well... sort of), it ends with us hearing everyone thinking. The hamster's thought "I'm starting to think this wheel doesn't go anywhere" was a good joke to finish on.

    This... wasn't too bad of an episode. We focus on a character the show has generally been aimless with in later years. What should they do with Ned Flanders now that both of his wives have died and he doesn't have as much of a reason to be happy? This theme alone is interesting, and it's rare to get some genuinely interesting character development this late into the series. The jokes were sometimes good, no big laughs or anything, but amusing small quips. The story however is what drives it forward. Even as things start to slow down a bit we still care about what happens to Ned. Is there anything to keep his spirits up anymore? The answer is something a lot of people didn't expect. Becoming a teacher in Krabappel's place. After much speculation and worry over a teacher not being present in Bart's class, many thought they'd bring in a new character. But instead, they go for a much more obvious and better solution. If they'd attempted to bring in a new teacher altogether and hoping the audience would like him/her, I'm quite sure it would have ended up as a colossal failure.
    The jokes unfortunately bring the decent story down though. A lot of them are pretty forgettable or nothing noteworthy (which is why I didn't mention the jokes that failed, they weren't bad enough to warrant a strong reaction). Plus the pace is really slow at times, especially when most of the jokes in a scene don't work.

    In general... Left Behind gets to Stay By. But just barely.

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    (Originally posted May 15, 2018)
    Throw Grampa From The Dane 1/10

    # Snowball II makes an appearance for the first time in long.
    - You blame Homer for the flooding even though it was literally completely your fault? What the fuck, Marge. The ego on you.
    #/+ Bender is seen relaxing in the water.
    - Gil appears. And they... do some joke where he needs help charging his cellphone. Yep, this sure is modern Simpsons.
    ½+ Bart almost imagining naked people with their dicks out was pretty weird, but that's kinda why it made me chuckle a little.
    # Huh... Nick's voice sounds pretty off in the scene where he's checking Abe's heart.
    # On the flight to Denmark, we see two female flight attendants holding hands. Is this is a comment on their openness towards all sexual orientations? Dunno.
    - Ugh, now the generic travel jokes begin. "Look at that huh! A refrigerator slash bed! Isn't that funny! Everyone in Denmark holds hands! Isn't that clever!"
    - Homer is then seen holding his own hands. It then turns out they are "fighting" over a Danish. HAHA, GET IT????? DANISH! DENMARK!
    - "Fart kontrol". Never heard that one before. In my life.
    - Does Lisa meeting a fancy Danish prince hint on a love interest subplot? I sure hope not.
    # Lisa's mail to Christian:
    Hej! Det er bare so otroligt længe sen, jag sidst har mailet till dig. Der var så meget, jeg ikke fik sagt i min mail i morges. Jeg er okay, men jeg savner dig. Jag bliver med ved at sige till mig sjelv, at alla parforhold har brug for plads. Ups! Sagde jag ikke "parforhold"? Det er næsten ikke till att tro, at vi er et par. Men - helt ærligt - det er bare ikke noget andet ord for det - hverken på engelsk, dank eller noget andet sprog. Jeg kunne måske sige, att vi e "forelskede", men det lyder så formelt. Men det er også tådeligt, for hvarfor skulle vi være bange for ordet "forellsket"? Jeg har ret, ner jeg siger, at vi er forelskede - for jag ved, att jeg er forelsket. Jeg er forelsket i dig. Du er en dansk pris, som jeg tillfældigvis er forelsket i. Ingen grund til at gere ett stort nummer uf af det. Og du behøver ikke at bekymre dig om at fortælle mig, at du også elsker mig. Det går jag allerede ud fro. Det ville være godt, hvis du bare lige fortalte mig det, så vi kunne få rene linjer. Ærlighed er så vidtig, synes du ikke?

    God, that was PAINFUL to write down.

    -- So what the hell was Lisa's fantasy about the prince useful for? This is just useless filler.
    --- Bart and Lisa sing for what feels like an eternity about how great Denmark is. For the love of God, this is such blasé sugarcoated crap!
    -- Marge mentions about a bunch of odd-sounding Danish words. That's literally the only joke.
    --½ A musical montage of Homer and Abraham doing wacky things in Denmark. I'm... laughing...
    --- Marge, Lisa and Bart are yabbering on more about how wonderful and perfect Denmark is. OKAY! I GET IT! GEEEEZ!
    - Homer gives some dumb overdramatic speech about how he would rather go back to America than stay in Denmark. Yawn.
    # Okay, we finally get back on track with Abe's health care. I thought they never would.
    - Turns out all he needed to do was remove a tattoo of Mona. O... kay then.
    --- Out of all turns they could take, they choose a marriage crisis one! Seriously, what the fuck?! Marge sees Homer dancing with a Danish woman and immediately she freaks out! I freaking hate how Homer and Marge's relationship has pretty much become like a running soap, but to have it in an episode where it has absolutely no impact on the story whatsoever is twice as insulting. I mean, Marge already wanted to stay in Denmark anyway, so what does it matter if she gets jealous over Homer dancing with a woman? Exactly, IT MAKES NO FREAKING DIFFERENCE! God, this episode is so stupid!
    + The kids petting the big cat was a bit of a cute moment. Wow, a plus again.
    --- Aaaaw... Homer cycles back to Marge instead of heading home

    SAPPY BULLSHIT! Am I watching a bad romantic comedy?
    --- The family suddenly wants to go home for the most lazy reasons possible, especially Marge. It's pretty much just "Cleaning is hard!" and a frequent nightsky. That's it. Nothing else.
    --- Socialized tattooing suddenly puts a country out of business? What. That slam doesn't even make any goddamn sense!

    Well, welcome back shitty modern Simpsons. I was getting "worried" you wouldn't return, but you suuuuuure did. I don't know where to start. Everything about this episode is just mindblowingly poor.
    The humor. Just bland "jokes" about how excellent Denmark is and how the people are so nice. And even the very few times they actually poke fun at the country it's so tame and obvious. I would normally talk about the jokes outside of that as well, but really, there are pretty much no other kinds of jokes at all! Once they get to Denmark, it becomes nothing more than a tourist guide film.

    The awful non-existent plot. For real, WHAT WAS THE DEAL WITH MAKING IT ABOUT ABRAHAM? They barely focused on him at all, and the few times it did it was so inconsequentual and easily resolved they might as well not have bothered. So if you love ol' Abe Simpson, this episode is not for you. Also, they went to Denmark for nothing more than a tattoo!

    The filler. There is sooooooooooo much filler. This has to be one of the worst examples of it since The D'oh-cial Network! A ton of overlong and horribly boring gags, and a marriage crisis totally coming out of nowhere which didn't even matter and should have been cut out entirely. Hey, writers: STOP. FORCING. A. MARRIAGE. CRISIS. EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. It was the same deal with Left Behind, where the first five minutes have zero to do with the actual plot starting.
    At least they didn't have Homer in front of the TV clapping for whoever popular Danish figure for 20 seconds. But they might as well have done it, given the various preachy speeches about the glory of Denmark.

    Look, I've been to Denmark. And I do kind of agree it's a nice country. But I don't watch The Simpsons for a TOURIST GUIDE. I watch it to hopefully get some clever and satirical comedy.

    In Danish words... forfærdelige.

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    (Originally posted May 22, 2018)
    The Simpsons - Flanders' Ladder 7.2/10

    + The Amish-themed couch gag is the first one in a while that's made me smirk.
    # Scary Maze, eh? The Simpsons continue their weird attempts at being "trendy".
    - So now Bart has a Twitter, and he keeps yabbering about how likes keep pouring in. Lingering way too long on this prank.
    # Abraham gibberish is translated to "My porn!". Well, that's... odd.
    - When Homer throws board games into the fire we get a very typical "LOOK AT ALL THESE AMAZING PARODY NAMES" shot of the names clearly visible. None of them are funny.
    # "So this could be the perfect time to break out..." cut "... daddy's VHS collection!" The way it starts and stops, then cuts to a new scene is bizzarrely edited. I'm imagining Homer shutting up while walking down the basement, then suddenly finishing his sentence.
    - Ugh, this whole VCR act is some serious filler shit. Which would be fine if it was at least funny, but... not really.
    - "Imbdible" Hilarious.
    # The visual of Bart getting electrocuted kinda looks like something out of a sketchbook.
    + Bart meeting Maude with her head exploding, I gotta admit... actually a little creepy!
    + I like Homer and Marge commenting how sweet Lisa is for staying with Bart, with no idea of what she has in plan for him.
    -- I gotta say though, Lisa tormenting Bart in his coma just because of a dumb prank doesn't sit right with me. I know Lisa gets fed up with Bart sometimes, and she's gone too far before (On A Clear Day I Can't See My Sister), but this really makes you hate her.
    + The therapist killing himself so he thinks it will be the patients' fault is a good darkly funny joke.
    + Homer complaining he had to walk nine blocks to Krusty Burgers that he practically feels dead triggering Bart to experience more nightmares was amusing.
    # A season 11 flashback to Maude getting killed?! Whoever thought in a million years that would happen?
    ++½ Wow... This has to be the first time in long a moment from the HD era has left me speechless. Seeing all of the family die except Maggie, as well as other beloved characters, set to a melancholy song... That has to be the first time in years where I actually feel bad for knowing Simpsons will end eventually. Are these characters not as mortal as we thought? When the show is over, are we left to think they will die horribly? It's one of the most depressing endings to an episode they've ever made. But I also have to give it huge points for making me feel sentimental over a show that's been way past its prime.

    The start with the VCR and the usual lame jokes was pretty bad, so I thought I would just get another standard HD episode. Instead, I got something completely different. They not only addressed the death of Maude Flanders, but even how Homer was basically guilty for it. Seeing Maude label Homer a murderer is not only strange, but it's also a little creepy. It's not the way we like to think of our yellow animated father. I'll admit, Lisa being responsible for Bart's grim nightmares put me off quite a bit, and I wasn't really sure if this episode worked for me or not. But then they deliver an ending so powerful that afterwards I don't even know what to say. Did that really happen? Is the show really capable of still delivering something that hits you in the gut?
    This episode proves that maybe what will save the show is not trying to make it a genius comedy again, but maybe more of an emphasis on drama. Most of the jokes were nothing to write home about, but the more dramatic portions actually got to me. It's still a bit of an average episode. The show has definitely done serious episodes better in the past, but considering we are in season 29, I'm a little bit pleasantly surprised they managed to make me feel something. At least enough that I'm still thinking about it.

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    (Originally posted October 22, 2018)
    Treehouse Of Horror XXIX 3.8/10

    + For a newer Treehouse Of Horror, pretty solid intro. I found the idea of Homer entering an eating contest with a Chthulhu monster amusing, even though it’s pretty obvious what the end result will be.

    Intrusion Of The Pod-Y Snatchers 5/10

    -½ Well, so much for that promising opening. Right away we start off with Apple jokes and a worse imitation of Steve Jobs than before. And doesn’t this strike as too similar to the Futurama episode Attack Of The Killer App?
    ½+ The jab at Orville taking over from Futurama was fine I guess.
    # The fact that they don’t show Willie cutting off Chalmers’ head really shows how tame the TOH’s have gotten.
    - Everything feels very rushed. Sure, the part with Marge was sort of creepy, but the story is hurried through so quickly you don’t get time to let it sink in.
    --- Wow. That ending was awful. Now they decide to end the segment with a really ham-fisted moral about how people don’t take time to just enjoy life, see the sun for instance. This ended up being a typical mediocre segment.

    Multiplisa-Ty 4.5/10

    The most awkward parody title I ever saw...

    - Nelson's mom is always awful.
    +/- I feel mixed on how it starts so far. Lisa having split identities is a nice idea, but as usual they go for comedy more than creepiness.
    + “Aw, how cute. She learned an accent from Groundskeeper Willie.” “Not THAT cute.” cut to Willie with an axe in his back First good joke of the episode.
    - This is really just written around Yeardley Smith doing voice impressions, isn’t it?
    + Duffman shedding a tear when Miss Hoover says Lisa’s failing grades satisfies her better than him in bed made me chuckle.
    -- Lisa using her “dark” voice turns out to not be the least bit intimidating, no matter how hard Yeardley Smith tries.
    -- Bart gives a “cute” speech, Lisa refrains from killing him. Really? That’s it?

    Geriatric Park 2/10

    -- So the whole joke of the segment is gonna be like “Old people are like dinosaurs”. I’m laughing already!
    -- That Geriatric Park song is just terrible.
    # Agnes turning into a pterodactyl just makes me think of Tress MacNeille’s role in the Land Before Time franchise.
    + Moleman’s disappointment over turning into such a small and lame dinosaur amused me.
    --- Just like the second segment, the danger is averted by a character sweet-talking someone into stop killing people. Not only is it extremely lazy to use the exact same kind of ending, but the dinosaurs end up killing more people anyway, only this time it’s only those that annoy them.

    I'll get the only major positive out of the way right away: the music in the middle segment was the best on the show in a long time. Ever since Alf Clausen left (or to be straight, even a few years before), the music has been lacking, even in Treehouse Of Horrors. But for the Split parody, there were honestly moments where I almost got into it, just because of the good score. But eventually the poor qualities of the plot catched up with me.

    A Treehouse Of Horror should never feel like “business as usual”, but that’s exactly what it does. All the segments do is go through the motions with randomly thrown together moments and a kill here and there. Only the middle even slightly attempts to build atmosphere, and even then it’s hampered by the whole thing feeling like nothing more than an excuse for Yeardley Smith to sound goofy. The final part of it with scaaaaaary Lisa failed most of all since it exactly wasn’t that: scary. Out of all the stories this had the most potential, so for them to waste it this badly is a true shame. It had two of the only jokes I liked, but that's not much to impress me with.
    Okay, let’s talk about the first one, but only briefly. Even though it's the least bad one of the bunch, it's also the least interesting one to talk about, simply because it's so incredibly generic. The Springfieldians are pod people, let's have Chief Wiggum make a wisecrack while getting killed, let's have Comic Book Guy pointing out how much the segment has been parodied, let's have the pod thing be an allegory for some forced social commentary. There are no surprises whatsoever, and ends just like The Greatest Story Ever Holed, but worse since this time you get a moral cookie to go along with it.
    Just like last year, the final segment has the worst premise with the worst execution. While Homer eating himself was more unpleasant to watch, this was just as stupid. Instead of parodying the classic Jurassic Park, they parody the recent Jurassic World movies, just because it's what's trending right now. I probably sound like I have no sense of humor, given that I complained about the stupidity of an old people park where they turn into dinosaurs... but I do! It's not an inconceivable task to incorporate comedy into a Treehouse Of Horror and still making it somewhat spooky at the same time. The best segments are always the one which do have jokes, but the story is still genuinely interesting or disturbing. Treehouse Of Horror V is so loved because it incorporated humor while also telling really fascinating stories. Your imagination starts going, you marvel at the horrificness of our lovable Homer turning into a coldblooded psycho killer, everything in the future changing because of the most minor mistakes, children getting eaten off one by one just because it's cheaper. A darker tone is what separated them from most other episodes.
    But this episode is not dark. It's just a farce. It's embarrassingly unapologetic in how it treats the audience like children, like how we're pussies too afraid to get scared. We are not. And we love getting scared. That's what made us love these specials so much at first.

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    (Originally posted November 13, 2018)
    That 90's Show 2.5/10

    ½+ Homer offering his kids warm clothes only to burn them in the fire was slightly amusing.
    - Bart: "The 90's? Never heard of it." This sure doesn't start off well...
    +/- Homer and his pals record awful boyband music. Is this the best or worst thing ever? I can't decide.
    + Homer getting hit by kids with Laserdome guns with Abe going "This counts as a break." is a solid joke.
    + Homer crying at how The Bridges Of Madison County book is has to be the funniest part so far.
    - This episode is building up to a love triangle between Homer, Marge and some douchebag professor. Ugh, really?
    -- Oh my God, the forced Seinfeld references still make me cringe the second time I see them. Not only are they incredibly forced in, but the fact that Seinfeld premiered only a few months before The Simpsons makes it even more egregrious how contradictory this timeline is.
    -- Stefan deconstructing Homer's note saying "I miss you" as making Marge out to be an object is a really poor attempt at mocking feminism. It's a freaking "I miss you" note, who is really gonna take that and pick it apart?
    -- Marge is acting like a real jerk in this episode. "Go home, Homie". You really think he's just gonna go home when he knows you're flirting with your college teacher???
    -- And now we have an obligatory Nirvana parody with Homer dressed as Kurt Cobain singing bad parodies of Nirvana lyrics. What in the hell am I watching?
    --- In an extremely predictable manner, Marge leaves off with that pseudointellectual professor on his bike. Homer definitely wasted all that money paying for her college education for nothing. Marge is acting like an entitled brat.
    + At least the joke with Homer sadly signing "Marge come back" on someone's boobs was funny, even though the damage has already been done.
    -- Homer and Marge divide their stuff, including lots of 90's exclusive technology. HAHAHA!!!!
    -- More Nirvana/Sadgasm crap.
    -- Marge is starting to find Stefan kind of bothersome, but you could see that coming from a mile away.
    # "He who's tired of Weird Al is probably tired of life." True, I... guess?
    # "Look, Marge, anything penis-shaped is bad." Like your own penis?
    -- Wow, Marge, Stefan is kind of a big asshole? No shit! Looking aside how she didn't see this coming from a mile away, I just don't care at all.
    + The animation of Stefan getting pounded into the sand is surprisingly good.
    -- Homer sings a song about wanting Marge back and she has to go and save him before he goes the Kurt Cobain way.
    I don't know, I don't have anything more to add. Do I even need to explain how fucking stupid this plot has gotten?
    -- When Homer later wakes up the hospital, we are hit over the head with bad things that will happen right after the 90's. Did you know reality TV will get worse and a worse president than Bill Clinton will be put in office?!
    - Sorry, writers, not even Homer and Marge's golf hide-out will make me find this episode any sweeter.

    So I finally watched the infamous 90's Show episode all the way through. And just as expected, there are a lot of 90's references throughout to remind you it's the 90's, in an attempt to make up for its, and I can't overstate this enough, I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-Y uninteresting love triangle story. I didn't think they could manage to make a more pointless flashback episode than The Way We Weren't, but they did. There is no reason for it to exist. Why did we need to know Marge tried to get involved with a professor inbetween? All that does is take away from the impact of Homer winning his highschool sweetheart in The Way We Was. Or hell, even The Way We Weren't as dumb as it was at least attempted to tell a sweet story, even if it failed. This however was just cynical all-throughout, with Marge pretending that Homer doesn't care about her or have any feelings, or if she's made aware that he shows any, she's easily persuaded by that handsome Stefan. The Marge in here is by far the most unlikable out of all flashback episodes. Watching this episode you can seriously not understand what it is Homer sees in her. All she does is ignore him and see Stefan as her new dream prince. It's like they're writing for Daisy Duck or something.
    Before we get to Stefan, let's talk about the most infamous aspect: the 90's references. Look, I'm not someone who's against reference humor. I love it if it's done right, like a good parody or jokes about actors or certain movies. But this is just EMBARRASSING. The problem is that The Simpsons managed to satirize the times in a way that felt very natural and clever. The things they satirized back then are still timeless. But in this episode they just mention random things the 90's had like that's enough to constitute for jokes, making it feel more dated than any of the episodes that actually DID air in the 90's. It's such a jarring contrast as well knowing the whole family lived in the 90's, and we see various media and items referenced that existed while Bart and Lisa grew up. Say what you want about the 1974 plothole, but at least it doesn't mess with your head trying to put together how the hell Bart and Lisa were born in the late 80's yet they were not born yet in the 90's.

    Okay, so Stefan is the professor Marge for some reason falls in love with. And instead of presenting him as a serious rivalry, he's written to be so annoyingly politically correct right away that we can predict so easily how Marge will get sick of him once he starts complaining about everything. I think he's also meant to be a parody of feminists, but the shots are so cheap and predictable you roll your eyes.

    But the biggest offense is that it's so... boring. This episode felt like it would never END. You get the same kind of scenes over and over again, with Marge and Stefan, Homer and Sadgasm, Marge and Stefan, Homer and Sadgasm... and some various 90's stuff here and there. It makes you want to fall asleep. I wish I had, so I wouldn't have to listen to Homer's Cobain imitation

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    Great reviews, OSS!

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