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Thread: Rate and Review: "Brick Like Me" (RABF21)

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    Rate and Review: "Brick Like Me" (RABF21)

    May 4, 2014: In the 550th Episode of the series Homer finds himself trapped in a world made entirely out of Lego, but how did he get there? And how will he get home? Discuss!

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    That was great. Best episode in the last 10 years.


    there is not a single problem with apu snowflakes

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    Act 1: No Couch Gag or anything, just straight into the Lego, also using all the Lego jokes out of the way immediately.

    Aside from the unfunny flashback, this was all just Lego jokes and acknowledging it's fake. So far, 2/5

    Act 2: The main benefit of doing an episode like this is it's guaranteed to be reverted to normal at the end, so they can do whatever they want.
    Crowd scene actually has a full crowd in full Lego animation, and it looks nice.
    I guess 'The Survivor Games' is a decent enough parody name, but the subtitles of the books make no sense.
    Milhouse's Lego project is...Bart, because why not?
    Also, another Hunger Games parody that doesn't seem like a parody.

    Getting better, but still not as good as I expected. 2.5/5 so far

    Act 3: Bonus points for even Lego animating BGM
    More bonus points for all the freeze frame gags.
    And for some reason, Bart saves the day.
    Subtle reference to  Lego Movie ...except they ruined the subtlety with a background gag.
    Everything's back to normal, everyone's happy, aaaand credits.

    Overall, 3/5, not bad, but nothing special.

    Oh, and bland Hunger Games parody.
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    Everything about this episode was amazing. Definitely one of the best post-classic season episodes. It's going in my top 50 favorite episodes of all time. It's THAT good.

    Also, the nod to  The Lego Movie  at the end had me in hysterics.

    Oh, and then there's the sex scene... fucking hilarious.
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    Although gimmicky, this episode was fun! Many clever gags, they made it a Homer and Lisa episode, and the plot was done well. Following the Twitter feed was fun too. 5/5 and the best of the season

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    Easily the best Simpsons episode since Holidays of Future Passed.
    The only real complaint would be that it was semi-derivative of  The LEGO Movie ... but that just means everything about this episode is awesome.

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    I liked this. I love Krusty's line, "I'm a clown. I can't look ridiculous."

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    Moving! Brilliant! A story for the ages! Those are the words I'd be using for an episode that I thought was deserving of them!

    Honestly, it wasn't terrible, but once I got around the oddity of seeing everything Lego'd, it was a good episode with better window dressing. Seriously, I'm already waiting for the slew of people going batshit praise-tastic over this. Oh, well, it's their vote and their right be momentarily distracted from the mediocrity, nowadays. 3/5.

    BTW, with this probably being such an attention getter why not have an episode where Homer wakes up in a Springfield made of doughnuts? Marge could complain about Homer trying to eat around her hole.

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    As much as I hate to say this, as in GENUINELY hate to say this, but I agree with Jake.

    I wonder if I'd have more love for this episode had I not seen all the clips and interviews. Ah well.

    Will fully rate on the rewatch.
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    "Time to go back where you came from! Denmark!", that was the best joke tonight.
    There were a good amount of funny scenes like the Church and the real life sequence parodying The Hunger Games.
    I think the story behind the episode was the best part about it coupled with 3 or 4 funny lines in the LEGO universe.

    So I'd give it a 3.5 or 4/5

    Pretty much tied with THOH XXIV for the best this season

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    I kinda agree with Malaise though I might still prefer the Halloween show. 3.5 rounded up feels fair for this, it was cute and had some funny bits but it was nothing outstanding.

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    For a Selman episode, this one had allot more awkward jokes than normal. But the story between Lisa and Homer was sweet. And the Nastuk direction was quite good, too. All in all, I feel its a 2.7/5.

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    First episode in a while I couldn't watch the original airing of.

    Judging from split reviews, I am curious.
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    For such a high concept episode, it was impossible for it to fail. Nonetheless I actually enjoyed this, thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe it's because I've never seen the aforementioned Lego Movie, so I don't know how this parody compares and whatnot, but seeing the Simpsons in Lego form was cool. Also while there weren't a lot of jokes, I did laugh a few times and there were no true cringeworthy moments. I thought Bart destroying the town at the end could have been substituted for a better B-story but it worked to an extent.

    So overall it's not worthy of the upper echelons of the classic era, but it's a pretty damn good episode for 'zombie Simpsons' standards - which is something someone as cynical as me will rarely afford the show nowadays.

    4/5, 8/10 B+

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    Decent concept marred by clunky writing. Way too much over-explaining, especially in the 2D segments. The part where Homer basically goes "playing with your children is so bad... except when it's with LEGO brand bricks!" like it's a universal truth was really weird.

    A lot of the LEGO gags felt like "jokes that could've been in The LEGO Movie but weren't." I think LEGO bricks are a pretty limiting subject to make jokes about and there's only like five words to make puns out of. Maybe not the most versatile concept to base an episode around? I liked the existential stuff and the strongest part of the episode was easily the church scene. Disappointing that they reused the "this book doesn't have any answers" joke though.

    The emotional story didn't really feel like anything we haven't seen before. We've seen Lisa be 8 years old for over 25 years so Homer fretting about her getting older rings a bit hollow. For a second I thought it was going to end with the reveal that the entire series is a fantasy dreamed up by THE REAL HOMER SIMPSON (age 65) which would have been amazing.

    I think I would have enjoyed this episode more if I hadn't seen the recent G.I. Joe episode of Community (which coincidentally had the same idea) and understood the fascination people have with LEGO. This gimmick definitely wasn't worth The Simpsons going full-on product placement (The LEGO Group helped pay for this episode), which is an aspect I think people are overlooking.

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    First episode I've watched in ages. I wanted just to see how bad it was. And... it was actually cute and clever. Not brilliant, great, or very real, but it had some good jokes spread throughout. C'mon, it was clear those Legos weren't even real, the CGI wasn't very convincing. Nonetheless, even though it was a big advertisement for LEGOs, it was still fun to watch. 4/5

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    I can't say I laughed at any point in this episode but to see actual emotion and feeling in a modern Simpsons episode was something surreal. Let's be real, the Lego aspect was gimmicky, the Lego jokes were also terrible. I feel as if the Homer/Lisa dynamic in this episode could have had a much better vehicle in a regular episode where it could stand alongside a B-plot. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't terrible but it also wasn't that good... 3.5/5.

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    good episode with a nice blend of 2d animation and 3d animation put together with a touching father and daughter story.

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    This was pretty boring and meh. I mean it had some good emotion not seen on this show this season at all but it's still not enough to save this horrible episode which only had like two chuckles. I recommend just go watching the Lego Movie for GOOD Lego jokes.
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    I wasn't hopeful coming into this, but at least the normally animated part was okay. Still, this seemed even less like a Simpsons episode than the typical HD episode. I think I've said enough about the animation already so I'm not going to go into how I don't like it again. The plot was apparently similar to the Lego Movie, but I still thought it was contrived. I also thought it was pretty boring. But, overall, I'm pretty sure I'm not ever going to want to watch this episode again. A really boring episode that doesn't seem like a Simpsons episode at all and a frankly stupid concept (but some okay normally animated parts). 2/10

    EDIT: Of course, people saw something incredible in this. There wasn't, though. Name a joke that wasn't really predictable. It was all a bunch of obvious lego stuff. Probably why I thought it was so boring.
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    4/5 - the Lego parts were bordering on 5/5, but there weren't enough of them.

    Santa's Little Helper was in the show, but Snowball II was not.

    Homer's tie disappeared at one point.

    Actually, Maggie isn't Duplo; the top of her bottle was Lego-sized.

    LEGO Carl looked nothing like real Carl.

    Actually, there doesn't have to be a "bad word" for a movie to be PG-13; any drug use will do it as well. (The "one bad word" in The Simpsons Movie was when Marge said, "Throw the damn bomb!")

    "A Noble Spirit Embrickens the Mini-est Fig"

    Lisa didn't say anything when Homer called her "Meat Lisa" at the end.

    Here's who was in it (names in parentheses did not speak):
    Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie
    Santa's Little Helper
    Mr. Teeny
    (Sherri and Terri)
    Groundskeeper Willie
    (Dolph and Kearney, but no Jimbo)
    (Mr. Largo)
    (Miss Hoover)
    (Lunchlady Dora)
    (Superintendent Chalmers)
    Comic Book Guy
    Reverend Lovejoy
    (Helen Lovejoy)
    (Patty and Selma)
    (Agnes Skinner)
    (Kirk and Agnes van Houten)
    (Mr. Burns)
    Ned Flanders
    (Rod and Todd Flanders)
    Grampa Simpson
    Chief Wiggum
    (Eddie and Lou)

    Written by Brian Kelley
    Directed by Matthew Nastuk
    No billboard, chalkboard, or couch
    Also Starring: Pamela Hayden, Tress MacNeille, Chris Edgerly
    TV Rating: TV-PG-DLSV
    Overseas Animation: Rough Draft
    Promotional Consideration Sponsored by the LEGO Group

    CG Animation Studio: Xentrix Studios
    Animation Producer: Sanjee Gupta
    CG Creative and Art Direction: Veerendra Patil and Venkat Raman
    CG Animation & Lighting: Jeevananand NK and Mythravarun V

    Animation Services Provided By: Pure Imagination Studios Inc.
    Animation Producer: Joshua R. Welker
    Animation CG Supervisor: Steve Tavernia
    Animation Creative Director: Michael D. Black

    I wonder how many of the animators are going to submit work from this episode for individual animation achievement Emmys.
    (Stop-motion plays well with the committee that decides this category's winners; Community's only Emmy win in any category was for something like this.)

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    Aside from a few of the Lego videogames, I don't have much investment in the LEGO world. Never saw the movie. I feel like that's part of the reason why I enjoyed the episode. Decent story. Had a lot of humor throughout.

    The traditionally animated parts felt like the weaker spots. Not that the Lego'd parts were especially funnier, but that world has color and depth and shadow, and is at least interesting to look at. The standard animation is sterile.

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    10/10: Selman for showrunner

    Matt Selman never fails to disappoint. I had really high hopes for this episode, and not only did it meet my expectations, it well exceeded them.

    A Matt Selman trademark, the opening introduction is completely skipped. I would have liked to see a Lego introduction, but in the end, skipping the intro was a good call, because the episode went through quite a bit in 21 minutes. We start off right away with the family being completely Lego. Which brings me to the entire Lego thing.

    At first, I was really hesitant to go with the Lego gimmick because any alternate world would really do; why make it Lego? After watching Brick Like Me, I can safely say that the Lego gimmick was used greatly to the episode's advantage. I really loved the idea of a world where nobody gets hurt and things stay the way they are forever. There were also tons of gags that made use of the Lego gimmick, most of which struck home (Maggie being Duplo was probably my favorite one).

    I really liked Homer's very first line about "co-branding." At least the writers (through Homer) acknowledged that this whole thing was a huge gimmick.

    Back to the episode. Right off the bat, a subplot forms, which has me worried. Having Homer explore his Lego world is already going to be a plot-heavy story, so can the writers really afford to make a subplot with Bart? The answer is yes. The plot convergence with Bart helping Homer get back to the real world felt very natural and gave the subplot a nice finish. Despite being very short, the subplot ran its course very well - just a quick, gag-filled story with Bart expressing creativity with Legos, only to be beaten down by Skinner. Major props for Skinner feeling like his classic-era self, a harsh, but a little pathetic, teacher. No need for Chalmers or Agnes to be his comedic foil; he can carry the whole subplot himself. Well done there.

    Homer walks right into the Android's Dungeon and has his first vision. That was some of the best Homer-Lisa emotion in a long time. It was really nice to see Homer and Lisa bond over the building of Legos. For a premise as crazy as this, the Homer-Lisa story really provided some solid grounding to the idea. It's a little like El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer; the idea is very far-fetched, but a grounded, family-focused, emotional story makes it relatable. The flashback (can I call it that?) went on for longer than I expected, and the pacing got kind of slow at times, but it confirmed the fact that Homer did not belong there.

    The religion part was fantastic use of the Lego gimmick, even though it sort of felt like filler. Reverend Lovejoy's description of how the Lego world came together had plenty of great gags. "Before the world began, there was a table." My only concern is, they were parodying the Big Bang theory (not the TV show) with the Lego world formation stuff, not the religion of Christianity. Kind of weird there. Still, the story of how the Lego Springfield came to be was some actual satire.

    Brilliant line from Homer regarding his fingers, "I know they have a name, but I can't put my finger on it." Lines like that are witty and make you think. The classic era was full of them, and it's great that the writers were able to include at least one in this episode.

    I originally had a big problem with the animation style, but actually, it helped this episode out. Right around now, when Homer starts to see some real-life aspects seep into this Lego world, the mix of animation is done quite nicely. The beer at Moe's, the quick flash of the normal animation and then a switch back to Lego animation at Moe's, and Homer's real fingers attached to his body, were all pretty natural. I'm still not a big fan of the Lego CGI, though, which felt extremely clunky at times. The frame rate was horrendous in parts.

    The second flashback happens right around now, which brings me to the worst part of the episode. The Hunger Games stuff was pure crap; that's not satire. I wish they had just made it Radioactive Man or something. It really tarnishes this near-perfect episode a little. Still, great Homer-Lisa bonding here with Lisa choosing the movie over her father and their Lego building. It's here that Homer starts to make comparisons between the Lego world and the real world.

    Back to the Lego world. The idea of comparing the real world to the Lego world was some profound stuff. Which is better, a world where everything stays the same and nobody gets hurt, or a the real world where things change and there is pain? Through the third act, that's what Homer has to ponder. At first, Homer makes the predictable choice; "Kiss my fat plastic ass, reality!" However, when he begins to play with Lisa, he makes the again profound realization that if Lisa is his child to play with forever, Homer will no longer treasure the time he has with her. Again, this grounded plot really ties the episode together nicely. So he decides that he needs to go back.

    Because the episode has to have some serious Lego action (and the subplot needs to finish), Comic Book Guy turns into a bad guy (but not with some good dialogue about him previously being the information-giver). We get a kind of odd "boss fight" with Bart's creative Lego robot vs. Comic Book Guy and "every Lego set ever created." After a quick skirmish, Comic Book Guy is painlessly destroyed, and in the rubble, we find the Lego box that started it all.

    As Lego Homer prepares to return to the real world, Lego Marge is there to say goodbye. It was a surprisingly touching moment when real Homer has to say goodbye to Lego Marge. Something along the lines of, "No matter which world I'm in, you're the best part of it." That single line beats all of the quote-unquote "emotion" in Luca$.

    Homer returns to the real world now, which ties the two plots together. I should point out that the two plots, one in the real world and one in the Lego world, are woven together very nicely. Even though the events are supposed to be real, followed by Lego, we are only shown part of the real flashback before the Lego thing. It's up to the viewers to piece together (no pun intended) the interwoven plots, but it's done very smoothly, which makes the job easy. No part of it really felt choppy, which could have happened if Matt Selman wasn't in charge.

    I was kind of mixed when it came to Lisa going off to see the "Lame Hunger Games parody" movie. I thought she would decide to stay with Homer, but then again, Homer's lesson was to let Lisa grow up so he can treasure the moments he shares with her. So of the two themes, apparently Homer's parenting lessons were more important than Lisa's family > friends lesson. Still, very heartfelt ending with the hug. Characterization was very good throughout the whole episode, by the way. Homer could have become very jerkass in the Lego world by destroying whatever he wants, but that was kept to a minimum. Marge was supportive of Homer and his actions, but never overly naggy. Lisa acted like an 8-year-old girl who was on the brink of growing up, instead of a liberal adult trapped in a girl's body. Maggie...was Duplo Maggie.

    The fourth act was a complete letdown. As mentioned before, the Hunger Games stuff stopped the episode from becoming a classic, so why'd they bring it back for some unfunny dialogue? I liked the zoom-out from the Aztec Theater all the way out to a Lego box, but I kind of wish they had stopped at Springfield and just pretended that Springfield was a Lego creation. No need to make the universe Lego. So for future viewings, I'm going to skip over the fourth act, thank you very much.

    The musical scores weren't particularly memorable in this episode, so nothing much to say there. I forgot to mention this before, but the callback to the Lego Movie accompanied by Homer saying "Completely original plot" was a good reference. Thank God they kept the Lego Movie references to a minimum, too.

    Overall, this is definitely the strongest of Season 25. (I'm going to (probably correctly) assume that Pay Pal and The Yellow Badge of Cowardge won't live up to this.) The plot is creative and makes great use of the Lego gimmick, while still managing to have some grounding and some powerful emotion (HD-era standards). The jokes made great use of the Lego stuff, and the visual gags were pretty good. There was some profound ideas explored in this episode, which made good use of the Lego gimmick. Several very memorable lines, too. Hated all the Hunger Games stuff, though; it was unfortunate that such a lame modern Simpsons "satire" had to seep into such a great episode.

    This one felt a lot like El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer. It's definitely not as good, but it comes a lot closer than I expected. The dream sequence ties in with the real stuff very nicely, and both have some really good emotion.

    Brick Like Me is conclusive proof that Matt Selman should be the next showrunner for The Simpsons. One of the HD era's best. 10/10

    EDIT: Matt Selman's Twitter feed and the A.V. Club list tons of freeze-frame gags, most of which I missed. I need to freeze-frame this episode someday to catch all of those references. Another reason why The Simpsons was so great in the classic era; subtle jokes were everywhere.
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    Act 1: No opening. Loved giant Duplo Maggie, Krusty leg joke, and Willie calling the skunk Scottish steak. Homer's rant about how parents don't enjoy spending time with their kids went on too long, but seeing Homer spend time with Lisa was sweet. Not hilarious, but had some good jokes, and felt like they are trying for this one.

    Act 2: More Apu "get out of this country" jokes good, also enjoyed the advent calendar. The religion preach was cute, and liked Lovejoy apologizing for their religion being wrong. Lisa has friends, what madness is this!? And they're generic teenagers, meh. At least they didn't call it The Munger Games. CBG working on Everdeens boobs was funny. The plot isn't that original, but at least keeps some effort in making it have feeling, which hasn't been done in a long while.

    Act 3: Lego BGM picture, just yes. Stuck in a never changing reality a parallel to the show? CBG as the villain a fun choice, as was Bart being creative at building. Lego Movie jab was hilarious, and a sweet Homer and Lisa ending to finish it. The Hunger Games parody end wasn't bad either, liked Homer wanting to see kids die and Marge's reaction.

    Overall, while not overly spectacular, I though it was a really great episode. Pretty much all of the Lego jokes hit, without feeling too much like they were taking from the movie. The plot, while not the most original, kept a consistent tone to it, and even had some decent emotion put into it between Lisa and Homer. It was sweet episode, and enjoyable all the way.

    Overall, an 8.5/10, or a 5/5 for the poll (top 5 of the HD era).
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    I really adored this. Loved the way it was structured and honestly, would have liked to see it in a longer format, because it seemed like the kind of thing that they could have had a lot more fun toying (No pun intended) around with. 5/5 Though it would have been better for them to end on the shot of "The Universe" rather than the shoehorned in parody of "The Hunger Games".

    Oh, and the strongest line for me was easily Krusty's "I'm a clown! I can't afford to look ridiculous!".

    Now, if only we could get a LEGO Simpsons video game...
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    Great episode. I loved the Lego Movie and am a bit sad I saw it before seeing this because it definitely took a little away from this episode, with a few similar jokes and a similar story. It was also reminiscent of Community's G.I.Joe episode. Though just seeing a focused, well-told emotional story involving Homer and Lisa, crossed with this fresh adventurous animated format was more than satisfying enough for me. Plus there were enough good non-Lego jokes sprinkled throughout the episode as well.

    Easily my favorite of the last two seasons, along with two other Selman episodes - "The Day the Earth Stood Cool" and "Steal This Episode."

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    That was AWESOME

    Every time I watch The Simpsons I ask myself why I bother... and usually my answer is just in case there is a gem. Well finally, after alllllllllll these years, it happened!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pkkao View Post
    This one felt a lot like El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer. It's definitely not as good, but it comes a lot closer than I expected. The dream sequence ties in with the real stuff very nicely, and both have some really good emotion.10/10
    El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer used its animation to create atmosphere that emphasized Homer's solitude and reflection. That is probably the main reason I consider it such an amazing episode. Brick Like Me had no atmosphere whatsoever, and I found the animation incredibly uninspired. The dream sequence stuff might have been incorporated into the plot, but that is pretty much where apt comparisons between the two episodes end.

    Also, what is with all this lego stuff anyway? That movie, all these lego video games, etc. I don't get the appeal.

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    Well, this will probably the only new episode I will watch in a while.

    I had been anticipating this episode for a while, so I had also turned on the TV with a higher expectation than usual. After watching the episode, I thought right away that this was a breath of fresh air with one meta-line after another, even if I had already seen the Lego Movie. That being said "Brick like Me" ends up working really well for me. I expected meta-humor, and I receive meta-humor. Moving on-- the visual palettes are quite vibrant to produce a light-mood atmosphere inspired by Homer's connections with the kids' mind; it sets up the whole stage for more comical and bizarre visual gags, which is really the main goal of the episode (and it deals with toys, c'mon!). This satire-lacking episode can, in this case, be easily forgivable-- satire and seriousness just simply isn't the most apt element here.

    I also liked how this episode has a really simple premise with a fun way to reach the resolution of the episode. It's conceptually interesting, and is also a solid synopsis to follow-- nothing to sidetrack from the main story; just a good linear flow. However, one of the main criticism that I'd give is that the ending of the episode (before the credits) seemed a little under-performed. I would've suggested that Lisa spent a little more time to thank Homer, rather than making an abrupt turn away from Homer in the end-- all the build-up for something shamefully little. Fortunately, that was the only transition that felt distractingly odd, while the other odd transitions are more or less distracting-- it didn't affect the plot structure all that much.

    Despite having a slightly choppy ending and maybe a little lenient towards a very childlike quality, it still serves its main purpose eye-candy and a meta-humor, fun-filled episode. My rating stands at an 8.5~9.0/10 (5 on polls, just because it felt really nice to watch). A gimmick this episode might be (and it should really be expected, eh?), I think it will become one of the active contenders against the strong-humored episodes.
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    never saw the lego movie and didn't read any interviews or speculate on any buzz about this episode, so despite the shameless "co-branding" it was an enjoyable half hour. the story was sweet and was actually structured to the point where the subplot with bart proved useful for the end somewhat. I also liked the creative decision to throw us into the lego world before the explanation. I don't know if that is an influence from the lego movie but it kept me interested.

    the biggest laugh from me was when homer punted his head after proclaiming his delusions to stay in lego world. that was probably the strongest act break this season.

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