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Thread: General DVD discussion.

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    What if @Captain Squid decides to upload his screeners to The Pirate Bay?

    File name example: "The.Simpsons.Guy.2014.480p.DVDSCR.h264.ac3"

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    Quote Originally Posted by AaronReturn2005 View Post
    What if @Captain Squid decides to upload his screeners to The Pirate Bay?

    File name example: "The.Simpsons.Guy.2014.480p.DVDSCR.h264.ac3"
    I'm certain the pirated copies are better than these. :P Before each ad break there is a message at the bottom of the screen asking for my consideration.

    All this Simpsons back on DVD hoopla led me to buying the Season 20 blu-ray off eBay. Prices seemed to have gone up, but I managed to find it for a cool $15. My DVD copy is actually a bootleg, which still boggles my mind. A bare bones rushed release from ten years ago got a pretty high quality bootleg that replicates everything including the transparent case. However the ink the used STUNK, like a real strong inky smell, and the booklet was printed out of page order.

    Having watched some Season 20 episodes on blu-ray last night, I was surprised by how good the season was. Gone Maggie Gone had some real laugh out loud moments including:

    Nun: Why would you leave such a beautiful baby on our doorstep?
    Homer: Because she was fighting my dog and stealing my poison. Now give her back so I can take her home to my rat-infested house.

    Homer: (IN LOW VOICE) Cool it. She's getting suspicious.
    Homer's Hand: You cool it! I'm hungry!

    Also the sign gag:

    Also, Skinner and Comic Book Guy made a great team.

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