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Thread: First "Horrifying" Moment on Family Guy

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    While it didn't horrify me per se, I think the first shocking moment Family Guy did was the puke fest in "8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter." I think it's hilarious, and it never fails to crack up me, my brother and my dad. I even remember a few years back standing by as my mom described the scene to one of her friends.
    Though I will say it was shocking to see something like that in animation when it first came out; it was even more hardcore than Angelica's puke scene in the Rugrats episode "Chuckie Loses His Glasses."

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    Yeah, the puke scene was hilarious, but it was also the sign that the show was darker now than it once was. (Which isn't really a bad thing IMO)

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    The first one I remember was when I was banned from watching it because of the graphic fight between Stewie and Brian over the money. Season 5 or something? We were still allowed to watch the older seasons. Thing is I was a mentally ill abused teenager, and being told I couldn't watch it made me tolerate many more seasons of this kind of shite without questioning it too much. Had to be around the time I started posting here (so 18/19) that I was actively finding things "too far" as I watched them. But then, I was also a pedantic little shit and would BAW about things like Hayley Smith's birth year.
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    This might be controversial, but although I didn't necessarily like it, the "where's my money" scene wasn't horrifying. Stewie's physical and technical capabilities are supposed to outweigh his maturity levels and it was understandable that someone of his age and circumstances might believe that is a suitable way to command authority. It was too dark and unpleasant but didn't ruin his personality like the gay stereotypes and inconsistencies over who can understand him did.

    As for my pick, I haven't watched them in chronological order, but it was probably Joe's friends and Bonnie actively trying to re-cripple Joe in Believe it or not, Joe's walking on air. It doesn't ironically reflect reality in the way Family Guy tries to at all, made all the invested characters seem absolutely horrible and instigated their rapid disintegration.

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