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    In some countries we absolutely do not, and in others it's much closer to equal but there are still problems, e.g. wage gap between two people doing the exact same amount of the same work, entirely based on gender. I cannot bring myself to describe myself as "not a feminist", and if I were a man, I would feel very uncomfortable about saying that because of the implications that make the statement reliant on further justification. Technically, if you believe that men and women should have equal rights, you are a feminist. It's that simple. (I prefer "egalitarian", which includes other groups as well.) I'm not going to tweak out on anyone for saying that they thought men and women had equal rights, especially not being clear on the laws where anyone else lives, but the fact is that you would be wrong for a few reasons. As long as people are seeking equal treatment where relevant, and not preaching superiority, I'm onboard. The people you necessarily think of as feminists are obviously extreme in their views by nature of the fact that you think of them as feminists before anything else.

    I hate that @hammster hasn't done a list.
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