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Thread: R&R Bob's Burgers: "Slumber Party"

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    R&R Bob's Burgers: "Slumber Party"

    On the first episode of 2014 for Bob's Burgers, Linda invites classmates of a reluctant Louise to a surprise slumber party at the Belcher home.

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    It was alright. Didn't really care for any of the characters in this one. Also, what was Jessica digging around for?

    I think it gets a 4/5. Better than Simpsons tonight.

    EDIT: I just realized it was for her wet pants. Doy.

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    Good episode but like other Louise episodes it was a bit disappointing given the premise. Really enjoyed Gene and Tina's quips (It has a lot of holes, but a "hole" lot of heart). Teddy naming Bob's burgers was funny. Louise's friends quirks were funny but I'm not necessarily wanting to see them reappear.

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    it was a good episode but not perfect. I think I would have liked it better if louise's friends didn't have such cliche' problems assigned to each. maybe it would have been more subtle if they had just been annoying on their own without louise explaining right off the bat what each of their irritable qualities were. also some rather flat jokes imo in this one like tina and gene talking about their experience as human shields but that's really just me nitpicking. also maybe it's just me but I thought it was really dumb that bob would leave the door open like that immediately after walking out on the raccoon. just felt convenient and predictable.

    other than that I kind of knew the "boring girl" Jessica would end up becoming friends with louise as soon as she was labeled as such but the journey getting there was at least earned. still a fun half hour. I love episodes that throw louise into typical childhood scenario.

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    Good jokes here and there, but I too felt it was worthy of just a 3/5. Would have loved more development on Louise and Jessica. Knowing Bob's Burgers, that'll probably spark again in a later episode.

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    Decent episode. Had some good things in it like the relationship between Jessica and Louise and some of the jokes were funny like Teddy talking about the burger and Gene's lines, but otherwise, nothing really outstanding.

    Overall: a 3/5.
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    Gave it a 5, but should've given it a 4. The main plot with Louise was awesome, but I found the raccoon plot pretty boring.
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    Not great, overall pretty meh. Not enough Bob for me here. There were a number of very funny moments (mostly with Bob) but the plot was more annoying than anything. I just don't find Louise a good main character, and seeing her act all bitchy and mean because those kids are weird is a little off-putting. I mean, she's fucking weird as hell herself, she wears bunny ears.

    The screaming quotient in this episode was way too high as well. Its cringe-worthy.

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    I thought linda naming and caring for the raccoons in the beginning was funny and sweet but I don't think I really cared for it when it became more plotty.

    ha I'm just ripping into this episode aren't I? It was still a fun one though

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    Sweet Jesus... this was a chore to sit through. It kinda got a little better with Bob's hair being braided and the pillow fight scene (Ending with Louise and Jessica bonding over having crazy mothers was good too) but the rest of it was utter shit. Mostly because Linda is and will always be annoying and just fucking awful and shit and... UGH!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MindQuad View Post
    I just don't find Louise a good main character, and seeing her act all bitchy and mean because those kids are weird is a little off-putting. I mean, she's fucking weird as hell herself, she wears bunny ears.
    I think that's kind of the point.

    Anyways, this one was alright. The plot seemed to need a rewrite badly. There were decent aspects to raccoon plot by the end (Teddy and Linda naming the burger), but it was really weird and unnecessary even when it tied into the main plot. And I dunno... the slumber party one just seemed all over the place. I like the friendship that coalesces with Jessica and Louise (which, in turn, is also barely touched upon), but I think it would've been better being like "Mother Daughter Lazer Razor" and not have the thing were Louise starts picking everyone out, but instead have her come to terms with the entire thing including the other girls. It would've helped make the episode bigger. But in the end, it's still Bob's Burgers, the characters are still insanely likable and constantly throwing out amazing one-liners. (though that bit where Gene starts pulling that nerdy girl's hair was shockingly terrible, felt like a Family Guy bit)

    So even though this one is not quite up to par, it's still amazingly a 3.5/5 because this show always bats a thousand when it comes to the dialogue and characters.

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    This for me might be the third weakest of the show.

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    I wasn't too keen on this one either. It just seemed rather out of character for Louise to act like she did. And the Raccoon thing got old quickly. But I did like braided Bob and Teddy was fun, as usual. So despite a few good gags, this wasn't up to the standard this Season's had so far due to things being dragged out and out of character weirdness.

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    I enjoyed it. I think the strength of Bob's Burgers is that it can make a mundane and somewhat obvious storyline entertaining.
    I wouldn't say it was one of better episodes but Linda anthropomorphizing the raccoons tickled me and was probably the stronger of the two stories.

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