View Poll Results: Best Family Guy Christmas episode?

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  • A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas (season 3)

    18 62.07%
  • Road to the North Pole (season 9)

    10 34.48%
  • Jesus, Mary and Joseph! (season 11)

    1 3.45%
  • Christmas Guy (season 12)

    0 0%
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Thread: Best Family Guy Christmas Episode

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    Road to the North Pole, but Freakin' christmas is decent.

    Off topic, but is there a reason why Fox delayed Freakin' Christmas's airing until 2001, even though it had already been made by 2000? The animation and voices seem weird as fuck compared to the rest of s3 (because it's actually a season 2 ep, production-wise).

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    Freakin Christmas is my favorite. Some of my favorite FG jokes come from here, like Peter and Brian's exchange about Peter donating all the gifts, or Peter getting attacked by the fish and saying one of them probably whispered something anti-semantic. The running joke about Peter watching KISS saves Santa was hilarious too. And the ending where the family are opening their gifts and wishing everyone Merry Christmas while a sedated Lois is sitting on the chair drooling is one of my favorite FG endings.

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    A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas is the best one in my opinion, but Road to The North Pole is great too despite how dark it can be at times. In my opinion, those are the only two Christmas episodes of Family Guy that are worth a damn as the other two are forgettable. Even though I liked Christmas Guy, (Which my opinion on it could change since I've only seen it once.) if it wasn't for the fact that it was the fact that it was the one that brought Brian back to life, it would just be another forgettable Christmas episode just like Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
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    These episodes, even the modern ones, give an inflation impression on the show. That is not a surprise because they specialise at gimmicks, but from what I remember they all subvert the cheese in their morals and replace it with cutting humour. Family Guy has not ever taken itself very seriously, so it is naturally at its best when it makes humour out of every concept possible, even if that is at the expense of storytelling and reinforcing the character's constitutions.

    A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas: A memorable episode, even if that is only because it was shown repeatedly every Christmas on BBC Three :-). Lois's anger was believable, while the accurate but cheesy moral was subverted with Peter's uncomfortable scene trying to reclaim his possessions from an under-privileged household, the novelty fire extinguisher and Joe's lack of hesitance in opting to tranqulise Lois. My personal pick for this poll.

    Road to The North Pole: The droid-like demeanour of Santa and his elves was both amusing and thought-provoking, even if it did not directly reflect reality. That is quite an accomplishment. Brian's conflict with Quagmire at the beginning was hilarious, as was the venue Brian took Stewie to first of all. Both of the protagonists were in character and endearing, at least up to the brutal scene where they vandalised someone's house. From then on, the episode petered out and was less strong.

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph: The humour was slightly one-note, but this episode far exceeded most others for that era. Most of it came away from the main story arcs, from the family's telephone conversation with Aunt Helen and the family's unwavering belief that they dealt with the strangers in need well at the end. I even laughed a lot at the extended scene of Scrooge peeing for a long time. It does not require sophistication to be a critic :-). When something is introduced in a flippant way, even considering the tasteless inclusion of the material is amusing. This example got funnier the longer it went on. The non-canon material was not bad but pretty forgettable though.

    Christmas Guy: I have only seen this episode once, when it was released. I also remember finding it to be one of the better episodes of season 12, but that is not saying much. The closing scene was sweet.

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    There's now also The 2000-Year-Old Virgin.
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    I'll put a good word in for Jesus, Mary and Joseph! because it's my personal favourite. There were a lot of good jokes and scenes, particularly the ones involving Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland being the 3 Wise Men. It's a great episode for laughs I think and it doesn't take itself too seriously.

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