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Thread: So is Homer Simpson considered the main character?

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    So is Homer Simpson considered the main character?

    I mean, I just noticed now that half of the Season 10 episodes involve him getting a new job.
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    That's a bit over-exaggerated but hell yeah, it's been that way for the past 9 - 15 seasons. Now if an episode focuses on Bart, Lisa or Marge it's like WOAH! They're pretty rare.
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    The Scully era is basically ''The Wacky Adventurers of Homer Simpson''. The majority of the episodes focus solely on him while the rest of the family became minor supporting characters that follows him around everywhere.

    I'd say Bart was actually the main character in season 1, and the beginning of season 2. But afterwards Homer became pretty much the main character, and in exchange he got a personality revamp. Homer in season 1 was actually pretty smart and realistic, much closer to a real man. He still had some dumb moments. These days I call him a complete retard, he actually gets more stupid after every season.
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    The fact that the movie was pretty much "Homer Simpson in: Dome Trouble" should answer that question fairly well.
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    Pretty much. It started out with Bart being more focused, but then around Season 3 he became more of the center of the show, while still having the rest of the family having a lot of episodes surrounded around them as well. They definitely overused Homer in the Scully Era, but the Jean Era got better in how much of Homer should be used a Season.
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    his voice actor is credited first

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    Bart was at first but Homer took over
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    Poooor Bart........


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    Season 1- Yeah I would say that Homer is the main character here

    Season 2- Bart Mania is in, so Bart takes over as main character due to popularity

    Season 3- Bart , with some Homer as the MC episodes

    Season 4- Homer , with some Bart as the MC episodes

    Season 5- Homer

    Season 6- Bart

    Season 7- Bart, with a few Homer MC episodes

    Season 8- Homer, the last episode having Lisa as MC

    Season 9- Mix of Bart, Homer and Lisa

    Season 10- Homer with some Lisa

    Season 11- Homer, some Marge

    Season 12- Homer, some Lisa

    Season 13- Homer

    Season 14- Mixture of Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa

    Season 15- Bart and Homer, little bits of Lisa

    Season 16- Homer

    Season 17- Nobody cares anymore and have gone to watch Family Guy.
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    Season 17 - A pretty nice balance of the entire family
    Season 18 - Homer with some Marge
    Season 19 - Homer
    Season 20 - Lisa... surprisingly

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    Yeah, some people have always considered it that way. Other people think of Bart as the main charachter

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    Season 21 - Bart, with Homer close behind.
    Season 22 - Lisa
    Season 23 - A nice balance; Homer might stick out just a tiiiiiiiny bit.
    Season 24 - Good at featuring the whole family equally in most episodes.
    Favorite and least favorite by season
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    I do a brief overview of the seasons.

    Season 1-2: Pretty much Bart-centered but a lot of Homer and the rest of the family as well.

    Season 3: Still a lot of Bart but a lot of the family as well.

    Season 4: The show gets more Homer-centic here and Bartmania has pretty much ended so Bart arent the main-character anymore but still a lot of the family.

    Season 5-9: Pretty much the same.

    Season 10-12: Probably the most Homer-centric seasons of the show with Homer taking up 70% of the screen-time, some of the family but mainly Homer-centric.

    Season 13: Homer-centric episodes decreases, the show starts too focus more on the family again.

    Season 14-17: Pretty much the same. I know season 17 arent part of the early Jean-era but it was still good at featuring the whole family.

    Season 18-19: Wacky Homer episodes starts too increase again.

    Season 20: Descrease again.

    21: Wacky Homer episodes starts too increase again.

    Season 22: Descreaes again

    Season 23-24: Wacky Homer episodes starts too increase again.

    Basically Homer was the main-star under season 10-12 and under the Jean-era it has basically been a mix, sometimes you can feel the show is becoming more Homer-centric sometimes the whole family are still clearly the center.

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    I know writers have always said they like writing for Lisa because she's basically an extension of themselves, but yeah, I'm pretty surprised by how many plots and B-stories she's gotten lately (according to Wikipedia, since the only season 25 I've seen is THOH). It looks like the Simpsons family right now is basically Homer>Lisa>Bart>Marge>Grampa>Maggie in terms of plots.

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    I think Groening once said that he intended for Bart to be the main character but during season 2 and 3, Homer began to gain more popularity with the adult fans and thus he began to take over. I do like that during the classic era, each family member would get an episode nearly every season where they got a chance to shine. It was still mostly focused on Bart and Homer but it was no where near as bad as it is today. Seasons 10 is very Homer centric and unfortunately was the season where Jerkass Homer became the character's default setting. As for the current seasons it's basically just episodes with Captain Wacky (A.K.A. Jerkass Homer), episodes with Bart acting like a young sociopath and episodes with Lisa acting like a stuck-up, two dimensional liberal (Plus, they've clearly forgotten that she's supposed to be 8). Oh and if we're lucky, we'll get a Marge episode where she does something un-Marge-like.

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    I'm still waiting for another Lady Gaga centric episode. Lisa Goes Gaga is probably the best of series.

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    I would say the Simpsons family as a whole are the main character(s). Cheesy sounding, yes. But from Homer to Maggie, they are all household names.

    But generally speaking in popularity and main story plot elements, yes, Homer technically is number 1.

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