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psa: stop feeding bread to ducks

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It's a seemingly innocent pastime. But experts warn that feeding ducks bread is not just bad for the bird's health - it can damage entire ecosystems, says Justin Parkinson.

Throwing crumbs of stale bread in a pond or river is a ritual of family days out dating back to at least the 19th Century. Ducks vie with geese, swans, moorhens, sometimes gulls, for their fill.

It's long been recognised that a bread-rich diet - particularly processed white bread - can cause wildfowl to become ill and, in some cases, deformed. Now conservationists are warning that undigested bread sinking and rotting can create wider havoc.


  1. Moon Waffles's Avatar
    Now I know why all of those ducks look so deformed in that comic that I read.
  2. tyler's Avatar
    i'm sure all the elderly ladies on the board will take this to heart.
  3. Financial Panther's Avatar
  4. Johnny Deformed's Avatar
    what a bunch of quacks.
  5. King of Infinite Space's Avatar
    Some men just wanna watch the world burn. :-/ But at least I now know what to do when I'm old and can't derive sadistic pleasure from the regular shit like murder or GBH.
  6. Jims's Avatar
    One man, no ducks.