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ok a message to several users from everybody sane on the NHC

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stop defending and encouraging bad users who repeatedly do terrible trollish things. i can understand if the person is being attacked for no reason, but so many users these days are being defended from tha BIG BAD NHC BULLIES but some NHC defenders fail to see why some users are disliked and keep going "ur doing nothing wrong keep going!!" and i'm sick of it


  1. Ryan's Avatar
    in before rembrandt reports this
  2. Insomnia's Avatar
    Ha ha does he really?
  3. Ryan's Avatar
    I can't confirm nor deny but yes we are flooded
  4. Insomnia's Avatar
    It's ironic really.
  5. Rembrandt Q. Einstein's Avatar
    I won't report any posts again.
  6. Jims's Avatar
    Bordering on obsessive.
  7. parklife's Avatar
    should probably just ban those members
  8. lionelhutz123's Avatar
    The NHC is a platform for discussion and discussion is just like a medium. you're going to get your bottom-feeding posts just as much as the more inspired ones. If you can just focus on what level you are on as a user, there is no reason to go down to the darker, murky waters where the trolls are. Alot of us don't know why members are so disliked because they're not even on our radar. Unless a post actually has some merit to it, it will get acknowledged.

    The problem is that harping on the "bad users" is just giving them the attention. Criticism against them is not quantitative. They will get the message the first time. Let them know the issue and ignore them because there are such better users to focus your attention to. I've said it a million times, the user in question will either improve, adapt, or otherwise implode. (look at d'ohmer).
  9. Financial Panther's Avatar