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Hello! I am executive producer and showrunner of DUKS Monquarius A. Mungo. Welcome to season 1 !!!!

1. 5/31/13

ah the very first strip! a total classic! actually just like the rest of season 1 it's really shitty and relies on 'omg im so random and unfunny' nonsense way too much. it's like something OSS would poop out in 5 mins. sorry about these! well every show has to find its way after some dull first ones right? and i think duks did!!!!!!!! welp this is a dumb strip with nothing for me to say about so LET'S MOVE ON

2. 6/1/13

this one is NOT BAD imho. it's a 'lame' joke but i think it sorta works. and it's the origin of 'oh james!!' so it can't be bad,,, right? YOU'LL ALSO NOTICE i reuse the same exact drawings from strip 1 in all these. cuz i was lazy and i thought it would double as a joke. lazy is lazy tho

3. 6/2/13

ugh cringing at how bad these are! a GI Joe ref? what am i ROBOTIC CHICKEN?? rly weak stuff. INTERESTING NOTE about this one though, OSS made me uncensor 'we're so  frigg ing lame once!! pretty interesting stuff. bet ur glad ur readin this

4. 6/4/13

ok fuck this comic. was really tired when i made this one and at the time i wanted to have a DUKS a DAY which fell through pretty quickly after this. just wrote this in a DRUNKEN haze and posted it. sorry!!

5. 6/5/13

ugh! this was back in the day when i thought it was 'cool' to incorporate elements of the NHC in works. am perhaps embarrassed by this strip the most because i don't want DUKS to feel like it's just an NHC strip. i want it to be able to feel like it could've come from anywhere. and a nazi joke!! OY!!! r u happy with ur PURCHASE of duks season 1 yet?

6. 6/8/13

only duks season 1 strip with a drawing unique to its own. josh. and the ANDROID. not a very good strip though. i do like the name WESTBORO BAPTIST ZOO though. that's about it.

welp i'll see you in season 2 where things get a little better!!!! UNTIL THEN FRIENDS!!!!!!!


  1. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    Having a OSS diss felt really out-of-place, but other than that, these are decent commentaries.
  2. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    i feel like it really helped progress the flow of the commentary

    picking mine up tommorrow.
  3. Sam's Avatar
    by clicking on this blog you have purchased it. a bill will be mailed to your home within the week
  4. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    oh cool

    when should i expect the dvd to arrive? the same time as the bill?
  5. bias's Avatar
    No mention of me. Expected one.
  6. Sam's Avatar
    you will receive no DVD. what you have read IS the DVD. it's digital baby
  7. BrokenBox's Avatar
    can't wait for season 2!
  8. pilcrow's Avatar
    *secretly reads blog post without purchasing in incognito mode*
  9. Sam's Avatar
    u bastard. way too support the dying series!!