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Hi I'm original airda-- err Monquarius A. Mungo creator and writer of DUKS welcome to tha second season.

1. 8/4/14

Decided to bring DUKS back over a year after its APPARENT cancellation because why not. Most people know Duks from these CLASSIC season two strips, and not the EVEN CLUMSIER first batch. Nobody even read those. This one is fairly innocuous and spur-of-the-moment, much like my decision to bring these TWO PALS BACK TOGETHER. It's like a reunion! A pretty unspectacular one too! It's not horrible but it's kinda WHATEVER, ya know! No story behind this. Oh INTERESTING fact 17 dollars and 12 cents is how much was in my wallet at the time. Now I have a few monies less. I bought a sticker set at Best Buy.

2. 8/5/14

The first EXTENDED EPISODE. James is rappin' at da club and finds his rhymes on which is a useful but uncreative tool and if you suck @ life you'll probably use such a ridiculous rhyme like 'tetreault' which I don't know if that's a word or not with 'know'. This one's pre good.

3. 8/6/14

A VIRTUAL Duks!! Would be pretty unspectacular in regular strip form but Twitter-fied it becomes a dynamic and hilarious strip! DO NOT STEAL the Twitter names JamesPro430 or JmanX please. They're copyrighted. Copyrighted Twitter names.

4. 8/7/14

Based on the many Super Bowl petitions for ridiculous bands no one cares about or would never realistically play the Bowl having an insane amount of signatures. O.

5. 8/9/14

A(n) hilarious satire on webcomics covering the GUN issue, since I am not clever enough to actually create a good comic about the actual debate.

6. 8/10/14

Another thing where I associate the NHC with Duks. Kinda lame but people seemed to like it so whatever!! Also I got NUMEROUS AWARDS for CLICK TWO which I'm very grateful for so thanks. Strip makes no sense though.

7. 8/11/14

One of my favs, comined with the eighth strip. At first a seemingly INNOCUOUS strip that's just them in the future with SICK NEW GRAFICS but the next strip gives it some EMOTIONAL WEIGHT. Good stuff in my personal opinion!!

8. 8/11/14

Had nothing for James to do so I just had him staring at the sun out of a WINDOW. Good stuff. That thing on Josh's body is supposed to be a tie. He's wearing the stick figure version of a tux. And those things in his hands are flowers. Good drawin's no? Oh and I put the date of both strips on the sides to further NAIL IN that this is six years prior!