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gese season 1 DVD commentary

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Hopefully this is worth the penny it costed you guys.

Episode 1

Ugh, this one. I don't know what the fuck I was thinking with this one. I remember the night I created it. It was late at night and I thought it would be a good idea at the time to make a comic called gese which would be the gese version of ducks. I think I should've actually mentioned gese in the weirdest thing I've done when I've been awake for many hours thread instead of the song I made. Anyways this comic is just an awful rip-off of duks except their geese with gender reversals. I gave the name Shaniqua to one of the gese because I just think it's a goofy name especially for a goose and Pablo I chose because..... actually I have no idea why. This comic is basically "lol pablo bleeds out of her vagina" It's pretty much just Movie 43 in comic form.

Episode 2

This one actually isn't too bad. The stab at Frozen was decent and the chicken concentration camp was creative. Although I could've just drawn actual chickens instead of lazily using the ones from The Legend of Zelda, but gese was never about good drawings anyway, so

Episode 3

This one did have a decent idea, but the Brickleberry shit ruins it. This was supposed to be a "satire" at how people will get offended by rape jokes, but will laugh there fucking ass off when a punchline to a joke revolves around someone getting killed like in some of Smosh's videos. Like I said the idea isn't bad, but the punchline of this comic is just "lol daniel tosh and the bear from brickleberry randomly appear"

Episode 4

Ugh, this is probably the worst gese comic ever and that's saying a lot. I guess the Greg Heffley reference is mildly amusing because let's face it they do look similar, but this comic is still terrible. It tries to be weird and funny and fails at being both of those things and the stick for the lollipop shouldn't have been brown at all.

Episode 5

This one is actually one of the only gese comics I can consider good. I mean it was the most controversial gese comic which to be fair it was more controversial due to how hated gese was more than it was because of the abortion joke. Also apparently, Miley Cyrus slept with the former governor of California AKA Ahnuld. Who knew?

Episode 6

Oh Christ, this one. No, I take back what I said about episode 4. This one is the worst. It's just a lame stab at CC&C which is a show that is much better than this one by the way and Gese Double Digest was just a really fucking stupid idea. The thing about this series in general is I wish I was on something when I made it, but the sad thing is that I was sober.

Episode 7

Just like most of these comics, I just can't believe I found them funny at the time. This is the equivalent of those comics I made when I was 14. The logic in this comic is very flawed. Why would someone say yes to somebody just because it's Christmas. Yes, that's part of the joke, but it's not funny. Well, at least we have Tim Long's Twitter avatar to censor what was going on because as much as I believe in free speech and all that shit, even as the creator of gese I don't want to know what Shaniqua fucking Pablo looks like.

Episode 8

OK, this is easily the best one, although you'd probably disagree with that. Like I said before, this was meant to be the season finale and there was going to be a season 2 of gese, but the whole drama surrounding it made me lose interest in it and decided that this would be the series finale and it was a very good way to end it. I just like how this comic played out by Pablo being hated by everyone especially Shaniqua, getting censored by the FCC over a runny nose and then she tries to watch a romantic comedy to cheer her up, but it doesn't work. Also it references one of my favorite Simpsons episodes. I mean OK, it's not my favorite, but it's still very damn underrated. Also the soundtrack is good. Whoever can figure out what song is playing in that comic wins a free OSS thumbs up. Everyone can guess except OSS because if it was possible for OSS to thumbs up his own posts, trust me he would. Anyways besides a couple of good comics, I just fucking hate gese and not just because everyone else hates it.

Iím sorry. I am really sorry. Ugh! I donít know what I was thinking, but Life Ain't A Horror Movie was good, right? Made us all believe again.

Also as another DVD bonus feature, we have a lost gese comic that was intended to be used for the second season, but since it never saw the light of day we decided to include it on this DVD. It is up to you whether it should've stayed lost or not.

Whether you are actually using this DVD to watch gese or just using it as a coaster or attached a stick to the DVD and use it as a toilet plunger thank you for buying this DVD. Every penny counts and we need it because gesefucker studios is losing money on the movie production for Life Ain't A Comedy.


  1. Sam's Avatar
  2. Sam's Avatar
    WHO said u were allowed to profit off the death of james???
  3. pilcrow's Avatar
    Hopefully this is worth the penny it costed you guys.
    *throws penny into the fountain*

    *does not read the commentary!*
  4. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by handsome
    WHO said u were allowed to profit off the death of james???
    Well, James isn't dead anymore according to you. Plus I was only making pennies off of his death. Is that really a bad thing?
  5. Sam's Avatar
    james never died!! but it felt real to him!! if james saw this he'd FLIP HIS SHIT