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which of the friends are you

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1. you meet a white girl or boy in the coffee shop where you perform most of the exposition for this weeks crazy hijinks and also the coffee shop is called "central perk". how do you greet them?
a) "would you like a coffee?"
b) "hello"
c) "how are you doing today?"
d) "could i BE any more in tv's most beloved 90s sitcom?"
e) "do you like my musical instrument?"
f) "i like dinosaurs"

2. what is your favourite television show?
a) sex in the city
b) cougar town
c) family guy
d) seinfeld
e) buffy the vampire slayer
f) something with dinosaurs in

3. what is your job?
a) coffee
b) cooking
c) dunno
d) wisecracking character in popular 90s sitcom
e) i think something about porn?
f) dinosaurs!

4) what is your favourite episode of friends?
a) the one with rachel
b) the one with the sex with tom selleck
c) the one with dogs in
d) the one with the soup nazi
e) the one where no one's ready
f) the one with the dinosaurs

5) what is your catchphrase?
a) *angry face at ross*
b) i am monica
c) "how are you doing today?"
d) "can i interest you in a sarcastic comment?"
e) "d'oh!"
f) "we were on a dinosaur break!"

6) favourite bolshevik revolutionary?
a) grigory zinoviev
b) lev kamenev
c) mikhail frunze
d) leon trotsky
e) vladimir lenin
f) joseph stalin

mostly a:  you are gunther 
mostly b:  you are a total monica 
mostly c:  you are brian the dog 
mostly d:  you are jerry seinfeld 
mostly e:  you are ugly naked guy. haha! 
mostly f:  you are alone 


  1. Ryan's Avatar
    ...I like dinosaurs
  2. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    i got Ricky Gervais

  3. Judge Fudge's Avatar
    I got ugly naked guy. That's pretty accurate.