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Well, I am No Longer a Virgin! :)

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I will tell Only You the story; I want you to keep it Most Strictly Confidential between just you and me; although if and when I finally do get a girlfriend who stays with me for a long while, I will inform her about it as well. I will be deleting this e-mail from my side of the mailbox, after copying/pasting the text onto a notepad file backed up on a memory card.

I arrive at the predetermined destination of the intersection of 29 and 250; therein lies over four hotels, including the nearby English Inn. I stay assumed with the Days Inn. I try again with Riley, And I shot for Kristy; Riley did not answer at all. Kristen stated, "I am very busy now". So, in my cell contacts, out of the ones you have provided for me from the backpage, I call up the one I had assumed as a long shot, because of the enclosed image of a company logo on her page, the one called Mia "Hamm" (Hamm is not her real last name, and IMHO, it does not do her justice; she deserves a better name than that). She Answers. I introduced myself; told her I found her on backpage; she sounded mature in her voice; down to earth. I was in the Days Inn parking lot; she confirmed she was in 338. I arrive at her door and knocked three times. It's about 4:30 PM. She opens and invites me in; unexpectantly, but not surprising, I was also greeted with the smell of aged smoke; she had done the weed. I complained a little, and I sniff up a small handful of hand sanitizer; it quelled it down for me. Mia was very nice, likeable and down to earth; and she was 24. I forgot to mention, she greeted me in a black lace negligee. She had an average figure; her breasts were a C; she had a lip ring bauble, tongue ring bauble, and ring baubles in each of her fine nipples.

We casually strip for each other; we communicated good throughout. She was fixed, but she insisted I be protected as well. She offers me a green, apple-flavored condom; I lie on the bed naked; she was naked; she had the condom in the edge of her lips. She mouths it onto my most erect penis, and she gives me a very good B.J. Her tongue bauble was a very delightful and stimulating bonus onto my hard one. As she blows me, I place my hands on her shoulders. After she was done, she laid beside me; her pussy was wet; we handled each other. Her vaginal opening felt really good, and I found her clit, yet she was very clear about me keeping my fingers Outside; I respected her request. Then we roll into each other; we make out (no tongues) with peckings and open-mouth. We touched each other; her skin was very smooth; my 5:00 made my chin a bit rough. Her long, black hair was silky, smooth and shiny; her blue eyes smiled at me, and so did she. I gave her a sample of my strong-handed massage that my mother enjoyed in the past. Mia really liked that.

Then, I felt and informed her that I was ready to go in. I requested Cowgirl, with possible missionary later, but that did not happen. Her pelvic thrusts were amazing; her pussy was tight, even after pushing two daughters out of there years ago. And I supported her thrusts with my hands on her knees, weaving back and forth. I also gave her breasts a good thrusting. I felt her front pelvic bone, which really made the top of the game. She came and I came, but on my coming, it was only half-felt. And the semen that was mostly inside, but a smidge on the outside of the condom, confirmed it.

Then I washed my dick with a washcloth I brought with me, and dried it off with a towel I also brought. I was really satisfied. Then we conversed the rest of the $150 hour; it was very pleasant. She is a mother of two; they're staying with her mama; papa bear ditched Mia; it is very sad. She goes from town to town, and she is getting education for a better future along the way. Her individual escort service is a quick spot of cash for her. God bless her and her family. I also told her a bit of myself here and there, including the trolls/cyber-bullies. Mia is also Half-Cherokee, so that was an unexpected good bonus. I told her a few funny bits; informed her of what I knew of the weed from Family Guy and that one episode of South Park, "Medicinal Fried Chicken". We had a few good laughs.

Then her clock chimes, alerting her that her next appointment was arriving, so we hugged another time, and I got out of her hair. I promised I would call her later. I did, about 6:30; she had already finished with the next fellow; he was a disappointment to her; his was smaller than mine; a "weiner in a hallway" situation. She really enjoyed my dick, and my personality. I pray the best blessings for her and her daughters. Plus, I may well likely see her again another month, when she's in town, and if I'm not in jail.

The whole thing felt natural to me the further it went; I was also surprised that I did not have a premature ejaculation. It was awesome, pleasant and soo good. Worth it.

Only you, until my girlfriend comes around, knows the story. But as for everyone else, all they will get to read from me is, "I am not a virgin anymore."

Right before, on the radio station, Z-95.1, Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" played. And right after leaving, Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) played. Soo Appropriate, AND the BEST Combination for the occassion.


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    sorry torm I told someone else all the details

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