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My reaction to the current state of this site.

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  1. Sam's Avatar
    i just want to help you improve but RIP i guess
  2. D'ohmer's Avatar
    Thanks man, I appreciate it. It's just hard to want to improve when I feel so negatively about the current state of the board.
  3. Sam's Avatar
    i'm always super mean to you but i really don't feel like doing that anymore. it's super tedious and monotonous because i do it so rapidly, but i must remind you this is because you make infuriating posts. you may not feel that they are, but you don't see it from everyone else's point of view. 99% of us like classic/hate new, and to see so many shall i say 'radical' opinions expressed by you in so many threads gets very annoying and hard to ignore. i'm not saying your opinion is bad, if anything it's appreciable, but you express it in a 'loudmouth' fashion that drains my appreciation for it
  4. Ryan's Avatar
    handsome mannnnnnn

    he was almost gone!
  5. Sam's Avatar
    he was not going to leave
  6. Ryan's Avatar
    oh I know twas a joke tis all
  7. closeface's Avatar
    Is it OK if I use this comment to laugh at D'ohmer because of his banning?

  8. pax's Avatar
    I'll join you! (Nelson laugh) Ha, ha!