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no more stupid idiot

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after this blog is published, i'm reinventing the brand. no more stupid idiot. it's time for @tormented to begin his reign of things that hopefully aren't terror. i know this is scarily like lolcats saying he'll "ditch his persona" and then failing to do anything about it, but that guy is an actual stupid idiot. i have more intelligence in my avatar then he does in his whole body.

i just don't want the people placin bets on me being banned again in a month to be correct!

see you around
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  1. 1010011010's Avatar
    Brand? Your an Internet poster on a Simpsons forum with branding?

    Well at least I can agree with the intelligence thing. To a degree at least.
  2. The Goode Family's Avatar
    my AV is a guy doing taxes which requires some degree of intelligence
  3. BrokenBox's Avatar
    dude stupid idiot is iconic...
  4. Financial Panther's Avatar
    Don't worry; he can't change who he is.