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I Review Music on my iPhone Volume #1- "When I'm Gone" by Wiz Khalifa

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I don't listen to a whole lot of music, but the music I do listen to is special to me. maybe I just like the tone of it, maybe I like the music itself, maybe the message... but I decided to do this today. I'm going to do one of these a day, sometimes skipping days every now and then because if I do these EVERYDAY i'm probably just going to get bored with it.

Note #1- I've only got about 50 songs on my iPhone at this time. My friend gave me his old iPhone and getting songs takes a while. I'm getting more eventually.

Note #2- Please don't comment on any of these with "(This band/artist} sucks". It's rude.

Anyways, When I'm gone:

This is a decent song by Wiz Khalifa. He's known by pretty much everyone as like an essential pothead; almost every one of his songs is about weed. I actually picked one of his other songs, Roll Up(also on my iPhone) for a history assignment where we looked at music from a few decades ago to music now. I did mine on drug references in songs and how nowadays people can straight up say "I smoke weed" in music as opposed to back then when it was more subtle.

It starts off with about a minute or so piano intro, which I love. it's so calming. it makes me wish I still played piano.

the song itself is pretty much about living how you want with yourself, your money, stuff like that. In it, he says "I'm going to spend it all, why wait for another day, 'cause I can't take it when i'm gone..." so, if you've got a lot of money and you know you're going to be making more, spend it on stuff for yourself. have fun; don't just spend money to spend money, but... you know, have fun in life. Like, after I turn 21 next year, i'm probably going to be drinking more than I do now(for obvious reasons), but... i'm not going to spend literally every dollar I make on alcohol. "Ooh, I only got 10 dollars left, might as well!" No... you gotta enjoy it. You gotta enjoy it in moderation. Because you're not going to have anything to spend when you're gone; all your money's going somewhere.

Since this is my first day doing these, i'm about to do another song. I put my iPhone on shuffle and just do whatever song. hopefully the next one has a little more meaning to it. I'm not great at reviewing...


  1. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    (This band/artist} sucks
  2. pilcrow's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Monster Snrub
    (This band/artist} sucks
  3. Elliot76's Avatar
    I found this blog surprisingly interesting to read.
    It was almost too detailed for what it was, but I kind of enjoyed that.
  4. tyler's Avatar
    one of the only wiz songs I enjoy, mostly due to the production. the oj and kush tape is p good too tho. most of his recent output is pretty laughable.