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New Project

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I'm going through a list of titles in my head, and so far "Legacy" sounds like the best, but...

Anyway, new show idea:

Steve Kovitz used to be a hardened criminal. He was homeless for a period of time, and, not wanting to be, resorted to a life of crime to get out of his homeless shelter, and make a fortune. His plans worked. He did many bad things, but he was highly intelligent and got away with it all. When he made enough to get out of being homeless, he ran away to a new city, not to ever be found when he dons a pseudonym. He married and has a beautiful baby girl and now works at a local burger joint.

But all that is about to change when his past catches up to him. First, he is forced to take drastic measures when an old friend promises to pay him back money he borrowed. Then, he needs to make a decision on if he should work for a drug kingpin who knows him from his old town.

Some of this is based off previous ideas I've had, but the majority is new. Thoughts?


  1. lionelhutz123's Avatar
    Good concept. Seems to be stuff you can take from your own experience. Like making hard decisions!