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#3: what if elaine in gif form today

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so i thought it was unfair elaine never got any smilies made. so rather than go through an annoying process of picking the best i made FOUR. yeah you heard right punk, FOUR. again they're a little big but i've just gone through the whole hoo-hah of editing the images, saving them as gifs, uploading to imgur... you want them smaller you gotta do it yourself.

: "the cigar". use to indicate your post means business. because only business people smoke cigars, right
: "the face". use for pleasant surprise. eg. did OSS just announce he was going to quit the board? this is the smiley to use.
: "the laney". the elaine version of the jerry smiley, essentially.
: "the hat". i don't know. it's a picture of elaine in a hat.


  1. Insomnia's Avatar
    You're doing gods work.
  2. Sam's Avatar
  3. Swoony's Avatar
    I will use these.
  4. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    I'm not gonna quit the board, you fucking mo-mo.
  5. Elliot76's Avatar
    haha, these are superb

  6. Ryan's Avatar
    ugh man if only

    I gotta keep these two blog posts on permanent bookmarks
  7. closeface's Avatar