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Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 13 "To'Hajiilee" Part 2

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(...continued) As Walt contemplates his next move after meeting with Saul, he looks over to Skyler and Junior working the cash register before he gets a picture message of a money-filled barrel. This is just about the last moment that he has with them before they can never look at each other the same way again because now Jesse knows where Walt's money is (or does he?) and this sends Walt rushing off. Once again the score captures the tension precisely as he runs past the counter as if his whole world is being sucked into the abyss that he's about to fall into. This car scene is one of my favorites. Just awesome, quick-paced cinematography as Walt races to get to the coordinates in To'hajiilee while arguing on the phone with Jesse about the pitfalls of their relationship. Something of which distracts Walt from realizing that he's leading Hank right to his money because once again, the man only cares about the empire he's built for himself over anything else.

Upon arrival, he realizes his mistake but notices dirt and smoke kicking up in the distance followed by an SUV. Then the same score that played in season 2's "Grilled" starts up as Walt frantically runs to the little cover he can find behind a rock. More specifically, this is the same music that played when Walt and Jesse frantically ran to cover when Hank was on his way to Tuco's place before that shootout took place. Walt calls Jack and we get a glimpse of how legit their HQ is before Walt calls it off. I love how Uncle Jack just gives a thumbs up and everybody shooting the shit automatically hop-tos with the knowledge of what's going down.

I love the exchange of surprise between both Walt and Jesse here. Walt realizing that he's been ratted on while Jesse can barely absorb the idea that big bad Walt is about to finally get the justice he deserves. I remember when the show cut away from the slow push on Walt's face as he sat behind the rock helplessly that there is no way this is going to end well. I had no idea in the moment how things were going to go down in Walt's favor, other than Walt using his snub-nose which seemed physically and morally implausible. Just like Walt, I didn't think twice about the neo-nazis ignoring his orders, but I felt that something wasn't right.

Hank calls out Walt's name repeatedly with an over-bearing echo, each one further establishing Walt's impossible escape. Knowing it's over, Walt reveals himself and raises his hands up similar to Gus after walking through Gaff's sniper-fire. Gus was giving in then, but then he eventually flipped the situation with a trail of dead bodies. The only difference is that Walt is dealing more strictly with the strong arm of the law with no chance of contemplation over any form of strategy. Not only is it great to cherish this moment for Hank and Jesse, but I love how Gomez no longer looks at Walt the same way he used to either. The way he kicks Walt's legs out to be spread is justifiably unforgiving.

And then Hank gets his moment despite the circumstances of how far down the rabbit hole the chase got him. He tauntingly lets Heisenberg know how he outsmarted him, gets to slap the handcuffs on, and even waves goodbye to him ala Popeye Doyle to Frog One in the French Connection. Even Jesse gets to spit in Walt's face which causes pretty much the last comical scuffle between the two. It was awesome that Hank and Gomez got to be a part of that.

Another upwards POV. This time Marie as she looks down upon a more blatant piece of imagery, being the sloppy, raw meat at the bottom of the barrel. Hank calls to let Marie know that he did it. They exchange sentiments to the point where it's unnerving because you know this doesn't feel right at all, yet you have no idea what impending impact to embrace. Then before you can even have a chance to wonder, it just happens. Oh my God. From Walt's perspective in the corner of the rear-view mirror, you see a convoy in the distance. A musical score that screams suffocation begins to play (my favorite of 5B) and just like Walt, you're pathetically calling at Hank through the glass. Hank, Gomez, and even Jesse are left hanging, not fully understanding the situation. The final closed pull-in of the pick-up and car always gives me chills. If the show was a vessel, it feels like this scene blasts a hole right through it.

I love the quick push of the camera on Uncle Jack, Hank, Gomez, Walt, and Jesse. You really start to feel light-headed because you know this is going to get real bad. The tension in the stand-off as the DEA orders them to drop their weapons while the Neo-Nazi's demand badges (which you know they're going to shoot to kill as soon as Hank or Gomez would reach for their pockets) is really heavy. Then the gun-fire starts which by the way, I believe occurs in real time for only a split 15 seconds before it was really over. The slow-motion was one thing, but there are continuous cuts where it definitely reverses time a bit just so we can see both perspectives. For instance, if you think Hank and Gomez began shooting after the Kenny fires, then you're mistaken. It all happens simultaneously but because it's chaotic, it's directed chaotically and I actually appreciate this more now. It really gives you a sense of anxiety for what it must be like to be in a moment like that.

All I know is the cut to black was an insane cliff-hanger. I remember I had a bet with my friend as it aired with who would survive the end of the series and I had Hank, Gomez, and Jesse on my team of characters, so this ending worried me on two levels.

Part 1 incase you missed it:

Question: Who did you predict was going to die? Were you right?


  1. Walid's Avatar
    I was pretty positive Gomie and Hank would be goners; they were up against like 5-6 other people. The odds were not in their favor.
  2. lionelhutz123's Avatar
    I remember thinking of ways Hank could have got out of it or that at least one of Jack's men would be taken out.
  3. Walid's Avatar
    Yea, I found it odd that not even ONE of Jack's men was even hit
  4. lionelhutz123's Avatar
    It made the loss of the characters that died (being spoiler sensitive) hit home for the audience even more though, because the fact that uncle jack and the whole gang got to walk around unscathed afterwards only made me more angry.