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Decision Making Time

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I was gonna make this a thread but I figured a blog post would suffice, since it's been a while.

Basically, I'm saving up money to leave my state, at least for a little while. Late last year I had the idea to save up money and take a summer trip to California, because it's my dream state and I've always wanted to live there. I still do, but I have a feeling it's going to take a lot longer than I would've liked, so I probably would wanna go there later in my life. I wanna LIVE there, not take just a vacation.

So today I was googling which states are the closest to my home state and found Ohio. I searched for a homeless shelter there, and there is one that is almost identical to the one I'm at; it's Christian based, meals a day, showering every night, curfew, etc.

I don't wanna leave mine just because of any of those reasons, I wanna leave mine because I don't like a lot of the people there or the staff. I know I'm not really in a position to be picky, but, if I have money... which I do...

If I really wanted to I could leave TODAY, and still have money left over. Obviously I'm not going that option because I still do have a job and I wanna earn a little more money, but it's nice to know that if I were to do this, I'd still have money left-over, as opposed to if I were to go to California, I still wouldn't have enough right now.

Basically, should I wait to go to Cali or should I leave soon for Ohio? My plan is to leave for about 2-3 months, if that, and then probably come back. Worst case scenario I just end up back at the mission I'm at.

I've wanted to travel for as long as I could remember and now I have the opportunity, even if it isn't a long travel. I just don't wanna risk making a horrible decision here. It was my friend(y'all know who...) who convinced me to leave in the first place, by making the point "You're already homeless; why not be homeless in a place like California?" And that's kind of what got me thinking about this.

It's not like I'm really leaving anything behind here anyway. I just... need some input please. Basically it's a "Now or later" type thing. "Now" being probably by the end of next week, "later" being... weeks/months from now probably.



  1. kupomog's Avatar
    This seems impulsive given your situation. And expensive.
  2. Elliot76's Avatar
    Ohio in a few months.

    Seriously, just save save save man. Money will you get you where you need to be and fluttering it away on travel won't help.
  3. pilcrow's Avatar
    Don't worry, we'll make it to California someday.

  4. lionelhutz123's Avatar
    yeah honestly, changing venues doesn't seem like a good solution for your situation. It's going to cut too much into the money you already have. I know you're looking for that fresh start but really what it's going to end up being is just the same deal. I mean I encourage you to move forward with whatever you feel is right for you but I think you might need to just cope with your surroundings and just own it with all hands in. don't let people and the familiarity of where you are bring you down because going any place new is just going to end up being the same thing once that "new car smell" wears off.

    I know you basically want our blessings, so I'll just leave you with this post for at least a consideration before you go ahead with a decision. Do what you feel is absolutely right for you, but don't treat such a decision lightly.
  5. Walid's Avatar
    actually, if i'm able to convince someone to drive me, it would only be like around 100 bucks. i'd still have money when i got there.

    i just want a change of scenery, a chance to go where nobody knows me. here, a lot of people know me as a pothead(which i can't blame them, obviously), and I've messed up a lot. I wanna go where nobody really knows all my fuckups like they do here. I fully plan on coming back to Michigan, I just wanna do a little travel. I dunno. I'm kind of in a dark place in my life, especially when I think of my future
  6. kupomog's Avatar
    Yeah but where would you stay, how would you pay for it, how would you eat, etc.? You're planning on doing this for 2-3 months somehow. That is a lot of money. 2-3 days would be more feasible.