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That One Faggot


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No point in living anymore.



  1. Ryan's Avatar
    pssh yea like you'd actually do it
  2. tyler's Avatar
    quit whining and do it, faggot.
  3. Bart The Lover's Avatar
    Pussy. I dare you
  4. LukeMM95's Avatar
    What's the problem?
  5. King of Infinite Space's Avatar
  6. Nicky's Avatar

    If you are serious about it though (doubt it, but just maybe) just call someone and ask for help. Help is there to be given, not just to be considered.
  7. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
  8. pilcrow's Avatar
    Video or it didn't happen.
  9. BrokenBox's Avatar
    I've felt that way too before, than I found a dollar
  10. Elliot76's Avatar
    This community is so loving.