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Day 3

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We're going on day 3 now of no smoking. Honestly, I'm surprised we've lasted this far... everyday one of us makes comments about wanting to smoke so badly. You can guess who that is.

On the plus side, I'm beginning to exercise a lot more. Like yesterday, I spent almost all my time outside walking and/or running. Still looking for a job... the search is very difficult. All the GOOD jobs I'd want I'd need to pass a drug test, and every other job I would want I don't have a damned cell phone so they can't call me back; I use Darin's phone number but he like never answers numbers he doesn't recognize, so I don't even know if anyone has called back. Again, the search is very difficult.

It's so stupid how just because someone can test positive for weed that means they can't get certain jobs. Weed is so not bad; people can control it. Me, whenever I'm really upset or mad or whatever, I almost always look forward to smoking to relax me. It's like almost impossible to be angry when high. But of course that feeling is illegal...