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So, We're Really Doing This

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I can finally put away SOME of my stress; I know where I can live after Darin's mom's house(aka my current place of residence). Move in with Darin, Carrie, Carrie's son, and Darin's Dad(he wants to move down here and live with us). All I need is a job first, which I still am looking for obviously. Pretty much anything would do at this point. I just need money basically. But, at least I know I CAN live with them, I just need money and a job first, which is obviously totally understandable.

Anyway, it seems we're really done smoking for the time being. Darin is going to need to pass a drug test soon so he can get a raise. If he's not smoking, I'm not. We're not smoking again till at least June 5th, which is Carrie's birthday, but we might do it before. It shouldn't take more than 3 weeks or so for Darin's body to be cleansed of weed. Not if exercise and sweating a lot can affect that(I've heard they come).

It's honestly kind of weird not smoking for a while, because I've smoked at least once every day for... almost a year. But, I'm more than willing to do this because once we do smoke again, my tolerance will be down and I will be able to get really, really high again.

I don't get high a lot when smoking nowadays because I'm getting so used to it, but give it a few days/weeks and when we smoke it's going to be so amazing. I'm honestly looking forward to that, as sad as it is.