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Robot Richard

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Roughly 10-11 years ago, I had a vision of a cartoon. It was about a guy who was killed and his brain was put into a robot by his crazy intellectual professor friend. It was a Simpsons/Futurama type deal. It had that kind of humor and emotion that both shows displayed(this was back when Simpsons was the best damn thing in the world to me).

I don't want to make a cartoon TV series; those things are so weird. Like, at this point in the game, if I did make one, chances are it would either get canceled quickly on, or, it'll become really popular and overstay its welcome. I don't really want either of those two things. So I thought; why not movie?

I don't want to make too many movies as an adult, mostly TV shows, but I do want to appeal to people. Almost all of my show ideas are teen/adult oriented. But this... could be family oriented.

See, if I change around some of the stuff, Richard is killed and then put into a robot... but then what? Naturally, he'd go after the person/persons who killed him and he'd want revenge. Sure, it's kind of a cliche, but who cares. As long as there are twists and turns and surprises and laughs and emotion and adventure and all that good stuff, this has potential.... right?

What I want to do is start off with this idea, A. because it's the first legitimate idea I'd had, and B. I want to start and work up. I want to start working on making family entertainment everyone can enjoy, and then move my way up to teen/adult related shows.

Can I do it? Hell yes I can.


  1. BrokenBox's Avatar
    Sounds Cool. I might steal your idea
  2. Paul's Avatar
  3. BrokenBox's Avatar
  4. pilcrow's Avatar
    Days of Future Future did it too.

    Still, this could be very interesting.
  5. Walid's Avatar
    the original name was robot randy but i found out there was an episode of courage the cowardly dog with that title
  6. Insomnia's Avatar
    Hopefully it'll be as successful as "Robot Jones"
  7. Walid's Avatar
    oh holy hell i forgot about that show. damn