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How Do I Express My Love for Breaking Bad?(spoilers)

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Even though Breaking Bad's been done for 7 months now, I still think about it constantly. I still listen to the music/songs that were featured, I still watch clips on YouTube, I even rewatch Talking Bad sometimes. Breaking Bad is like an addiction to me; during the final season probably 85 percent of any of my tweets on twitter were about Breaking Bad in one way or another. And the weeks leading up to the final season...

Anyway, it's kind of hard for me to explain why I like things, but I'm going to try because this is my favorite show; I really can't see any other show taking its place above this one. Not any time soon. It's all inspired me to want to get into the world of TV. So, here are some sections to illustrate my love for this show.

1. Acting

I've never seen such good acting on TV. Seriously, it's like I mimic however the characters act; when they're happy and cheerful about something, so am I. When they cry, I cry. Jesse Pinkman in particular triggered my water works really easily; and even now, when I rewatch and know what's going to happen, I still cry at some scenes because Aaron Paul is so fucking good. His "Problem Dog" speech, the scene between him and Walt in the desert in "Confessions"... dude's got skills.

But it's not just that, they're all great in their own ways. Walter White is such an asshole dude but it's hard to hate him because Bryan Cranston does such a good job at playing him. I don't know when I exactly lost my support for Walt, I know I did at some point, but Bryan just seems like such a fun dude that it's like hard for me to hate Walt, even though I know I probably should.

Like I said though, everyone on this show is a great actor. Even supporting players.

2. Transition from Light to Dark

When the show started, it was way more comedic than dramatic, at least to me. Hell, the first season I freaking love the comedy in it. I mean, obviously there's comedy all throughout the show(especially after Saul Goodman is introduced), but there's bleak stuff throughout too; a lot of violence, murder, meth heads, etc. I was watching a 'top 10 breaking bad scenes' video on YouTube, and one of the scenes was the ATM death from Peek a Boo(Which I'll talk about more later).

By the time you get to the final episodes, everything's changed; Walt went from having his family to having nothing. Everything was changed; Hank's dead, both Marie and Jr. are going to think Walt was his killer for the rest of their lives'... I'm sure at some point Marie and Skyler will reconcile their differences(I kinda figure that's why she called her when Walt was in town in the finale). But damn it it just seems so bizarre how dark it got.

3. Unexpectedness

This show was special at surprising you. Let's see, there was the guy's severed head on a tortoise, there was Gus' face being blown half off, an ATM being crushed on someone's head to kill them... a machine gun rigged to go off when the trunk opens...

One of my friends said he stopped watching Breaking Bad because it was 'predictable', and to this day I have absolutely no idea what he means. How is it predictable? So far from it. You rarely ever know what's going to happen to any of the characters. They surprise you all the time, even in the earlier seasons. Obviously I loved not knowing what was going to happen and being in the dark.

4. Cliffhangers

This show was fucking great with cliffhangers. Walt running down those two guys to save Jesse, Tuco telling Walt to "get in" when Jesse was at his house, Crawl Space, Gliding Over All, To'hajiilee, Blood Money, Face Off(if this counts...), etc.

Obviously later on the cliffhangers got more intense but holy shit Crawl Space and To'hajiilee are my personal favorites. Goddamn, the week inbetween To'hajiilee and Ozymandias was fucking the longest week of my life.

5. Detail

This show, this show paid attention to detail. The final season had so many callbacks to previous episodes, and some of them were just... holy hell.

In Ozymandias, when Walt is rolling the barrel, he passes a pair of pants... the same pair of pants he loses in the pilot episode!

Also in Ozymandias, after Hank is killed, the way Walt goes to the ground is the same way Gus did in season 4 when his partner was killed.

Also, sometime after killing Gus, Walt is in the bathroom, and has to vomit, and he does it in the same way Gus did when he poisoned the cartel.

So many more... I could name more but this would go on pretty long. I love when shows pay attention to details, no matter how tiny. Walt walking past his pants in the third-to-last episode after losing them in the very first episode 5 years(years, not seasons) ago is brilliant.

There's probably more reasons, I can talk about Breaking Bad all day, everyday. It's my number one show and I can't imagine any show ever taking its place. Seriously people who haven't watched it, GIVE IT A CHANCE!!!


  1. white light's Avatar
    Everything well put.
  2. lionelhutz123's Avatar
    I think you mean: (seasons, not years). good overview

    also, I just want to say that as much as I love Breaking Bad, I have a tough time calling it my favorite drama. There's 3 other really ambitious, well-directed/written/acted dramas and that is The Sopranos, Mad Men, and The Wire. I couldn't tell you what order I'd put them in but between them and Breaking Bad, they are all very detailed, flawless shows. They all set out to prove different things than each other, but they pull it off beautifully. I can probably list 5-10 aspects that I think those 3 shows do better than Breaking Bad, but I can also say what Breaking Bad is more accomplished at as well. Overall, they're golden dramas and if you want to experience other quality shows, I'd definitely recommend those.