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Back when I had a Job...

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Back when I had a job the ONE thing I liked doing was making sure I had money for food. After paying 'rent' to my sister, after hanging out with Darin a couple times or so a week, all that mattered to me after was... would I have money for the rest of the week for food?

Usually, I'd have just enough to make it by. Sometimes. But now, I barely eat. I eat what I can find, and there's not a lot. I legitimately haven't had a 'meal' in weeks. It really fucking sucks going to bed hungry and waking up hungry, not knowing if you're going to get to eat anything throughout the day. I feel really sorry for people who do this all the time. For now, this is just till I get a job/my tax money, but good god this has taught me stuff.

First, I'm saving money A LOT better than I used to. Sure, I'll probably still smoke and drink occasionally(um, birthday next week, I gotta get fucked up) but once I get a job I am NEVER letting my wallet have no money in it ever again. When I open it and I imagine how much I could have, as opposed to how much I do have(literally 20 cents...) I get sad. I know I can do this.

I have a meeting with the GM of Jimmy John's downtown store in a couple hours, which I'm hoping will be good. And if not, there's always Burger King. All I know is I need a job. I'm so tired, but I'm not really tired it's just I need food. I really hope I can end up getting a job here soon


  1. pilcrow's Avatar
    Wow, that sucks, man. Hope you can find a job soon.

    Last week my parents forgot to pick me up from an event. I was stuck sitting on the curb of a parking lot for four hours. Eventually I just went to sleep on the concrete. I finally got picked up at 1 in the morning. Reminds me of the beginning of Brother From the Same Planet.