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I Hate People Who Hate People For No Reason

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There's this bitch I know because she was friends with Carrie and maybe for a short period, Darin. But anyway, oh my god I hate you I want to never see you again.

If each person were like baseball, and did 3 things to piss you off too much that you just hate them, then it's pretty much the same; 3 strikes, you're out. This bitch's 3 strikes?

1. One night me, her, Darin and Carrie were drinking and playing games. I was asked to shuffle the cards, but I didn't want to. I was already fairly buzzed at this point, but oh my god this bitch(yea, she doesn't have a name) fucking almost beats me to make me shuffle. I'm laughing my ass off while Carrie is straight up holding her back so she won't, saying "He's drunk, he's drunk! He can't help laughing!" Like... yea, I was. So back off. Bitch.

2. On the night of Drew's birthday party/Carrie's going away party, the party was at this bitch's house. Someone asked "OK who's going to sing?" and Darin picked me to start singing to Drew, knowing I wouldn't do it because of my social anxiety around new people(there were like 4-5 people I had never met). So, what does this bitch do? FUCKING SLAPS ME ACROSS THE FACE. She claimed she was going to do it if I didn't sing, and I couldn't because of my anxiety... and I couldn't very well say that either. She said she'd hit me 'soft', as if that was any better, but goddamn, that was NOT soft. Fucking bitch man hands over here.

3. Earlier on Facebook Darin posted a picture of me, and not 5 minutes later this bitch messages Carrie and says "Oh my god first thing I see on Facebook is this picture of Barber(my real last name), I almost puked." Bitch, please. I've done nothing to you, and you've insulted me, slapped me, and almost beat me for no reason. Damn.

The only reason we ever see her anymore is because she babysits Carrie's son a lot.

There are other reasons that make me strongly dislike her, but these don't involve me, rather Darin, so I won't get into them. Let me just say, I hate this bitch... and I have reasons. What reasons does she have for hating me? None. I've never done shit to her.

Oh wait... I DID accidentally knock over a beer can at Drew's/Carrie's party. Consider that my unintentional payback... yea... HAHA YOUR FLOORS WET AND SMELLS LIKE BEER YOU BITCH.

btw I'm running on little sleep and a 3-4 hour long nap so pardon me for being a little more 'crude' than usual.


  1. Insomnia's Avatar
    There's this bitch I know...
  2. Walid's Avatar
    what a BITCH
  3. ohmygosh's Avatar
    hey, don't be so misogynistic
  4. Walid's Avatar
  5. ohmygosh's Avatar
    the fact you find that funny says a lot about you