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Yesterday Can Suck It

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When I woke up yesterday, I had no idea by the end of it, I would have all of what I'd needed for years prior. I had no idea all of that was capable of being done in one day, even if it did take a while.

My friend Drew drove me all around yesterday; we went to Secretary of State(3 times!), County Clerk, Social Security Office, hell, we even had to go to my old high school(and the high school Drew is currently a senior at).

The main problem was for one thing I needed something I didn't have. To get this, I need that. The main problems were birth certificate, social security card, and ID. How'd we fix them all?

Well, at county clerk I got my birth certificate. Drew told a little lie that I lost my wallet, and it had my ID and soc card in it, and my birth certificate had been lost years prior. So, from there I got my birth certificate.

The next part was tricky; I needed either my mom, or school to authenticate I am who I am. That's why we went to our school; it was pure luck that anyone was actually there; it's spring break. But, the Dean of Students was there, THE EXACT GUY WE NEEDED HOLY SHIT.

He gave me a paper with my senior year ID picture on it and stamped it with his seal with his phone number so if anyone wanted to call him he could confirm I was who I said I was.

At the social security office, this was also pretty lucky; Drew's mom is one of the managers there. Like, damn, does his dad own a TV company? LOL. I had to talk to his mom for like 5 minutes and she gave me a stamped paper that had my social security number on it, which verified I am who I said I was.

Then, we went to secretary of state after acquiring all of this, and I got my picture taken and all that good stuff; within the next few days I should be getting a new soc card, and, for the first time, A STATE ID! I'm pretty happy; it took me years to finally do all of this, but it's done. I owe Drew my life pretty much.

And that's the story of how things started being different for old Skylark Jones


  1. Sam's Avatar
    Yesterday Can Suck It would make a good band name
  2. Walid's Avatar
    That it would, handsome. That it would
  3. pilcrow's Avatar
    Good for you. The world needs more people like Drew.