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Hi, Welcome To Burger King

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My friend, Drew, is a manager at one of the Burger King's I frequently go to(oh, who am I kidding, it's THE burger king I go to). He knows how rough life is for me recently and he has all but guaranteed me a job there when I get my ID.

I'm going to be a porter, which he describes as like a janitor. I make sure the restaurant is clean at night, basically. I'll talk more about it when and if I actually do get it, but basically I clean the restaurant; Drew knows I don't like people, or talking to people, so he's not going to have me run the register or anything. I'd probably work nights 11-7. No less than 40 hours weekly.

The ONLY downside is I get minimum wage, which is less than what I was making at Meijer, but I only got a raise there since I'd been there for so long; Drew says after about a month or two I should be due for a raise.

Feels good to almost have a job so I can start getting money again. All's I need's my ID


  1. Startug's Avatar
    Good luck with that. Sounds like a really shitty job.
  2. Walid's Avatar
    As long as I'm out of the house making some money I don't care how bad it sounds.

    Plus I know who I'd work with some nights, and he's a cool guy
  3. Startug's Avatar
    I don't think I'd give my job up for anything right now. Dishwashing isn't necessarily fun and it becomes tough work after a while, but it's not so bad. Still better than my job at Wendy's. Fuck working at that place.
  4. kupomog's Avatar
    That's what my cousin started out as at Burger King. He's a line cook now, took him about a month to get to that position. He has a second job though to cover the wages (plus he has 4 kids to support).

    The funny thing is that everyone there pretty much knows he's a pot dealer (used to be ours) so they freely let him do/sell whatever, even to management sometimes.
  5. pilcrow's Avatar
    Congratulations. Hope you get a raise soon.