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Job Huntin'

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In today's world, looking for jobs can be either hard or easy. Some people can quit their jobs and get another one the same day(a girl who worked at the store I worked at did just this). Others can get fired and find a new job within the new couple days. Then, there's me. I've been unemployed for about a month now. What do I have to show for that? Shit.

I haven't been doing anything. I've been waiting on my taxes to get here. What happens after I run out of money then? Well... I can't let that happen. SO, until I do get a new job, no more smoking, no more drinking, only spending money on essentials like food.

I'm searching craigslist for jobs but most of them you either need experience needed beforehand, or you need to know how to drive, so I'm automatically out for that.

HOWEVER, I think I may have a solution; Burger King. C'mon. One of my friends is a manager at the one he works at, and he's already talked to me about getting me a job there. In fact, I almost DID have a job there, but the position went to someone's relative. I forget what that's called, but it was bullshit.

I'm thinking my friend could get me a job there. I mean, when me, Darin and Carrie go there he gives us free food; I've gotten free breakfast before. A 20-25 dollar meal for all of us costs around 11 bucks because our friend gives us a discount. Surely he'd give me a job since he knows how desperate I am. Right?

Also, I'm thinking about where to live after we're all done here at Darin's mom's. I have two options, the way I see it:

-get an apartment here in town, by myself, never hang out with anyone outside of work

-get an apartment in Grand Rapids(where Darin and Carrie will eventually move to), to myself, so I can hopefully live somewhere by them and see them on an almost daily basis. of course this might take some money-saving to do.

Either way, I've got to start thinking about what's coming up in these next few weeks. I'm going to a Jimmy John's restaurant later to ask about a job, since I saw an ad on craigslist. Who knows, maybe this will work. Gotta try. At this point I've got nothing to lose.