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South Park: The Stick of Truth

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OK, I'm not much of a video gamer, so this doesn't matter much to me in way of spoilers or whatever. Someone uploaded the cutscenes and major boss battles of Stick of Truth on YouTube, and made it as if it were essentially a 3-hour film. I saw this as an opportunity to watch new South Park-related material. So, I watched the whole thing.

Spoilers follow for anyone who hasn't played.

So, you start off the game as being "the new kid" who just moved to South Park. Your parents are obviously hiding something about your past, but it's all whatever. They just want you to go out and try to make new friends.

So you go outside and the first person you see is Butters, who brings you to the Wizard King, of course being Cartman.

One of my favorite things in the game was Cartman; he was consistently hilarious. From calling you Douchebag, to upgrading that name to Sir, to King Douchebag. To yelling at Kevin for his Star Trek reference. To putting ketchup packets in his mouth and spitting them up to make it look like he was bloodied.

Yea, I'm not going over the entire game, but there's a lot of fun in it. I got a lot of fun just watching the video. The only part that lacked IMO was the initial alien encounter where you save Randy. I dunno, that part didn't interest me.

Fucking loved all the callbacks. Some of my favorites were Morgan Freeman appearing, the Underpants Gnomes, Craig being in detention for flipping off the principal, etc. There are thousands more but those are about the ones I remember; I'm assuming most of them appear when you can roam the town. I know, for instance, you can't enter Stan's closet in his room because Tom Cruise is in there.

Anyway, what else did I love? Um... Nazi Grammar Chef was A LOT of fun to watch. That fight with the underpants gnomes when your parents are having sex... that was something else wasn't it. And OH MY GOD that giant aborted fetus you have to fight... that thing is terrifying at 3 in the morning(I couldn't sleep worth shit last night, so I watched this).

Overall, fun game. I could tell just by watching. I may or may not play it; I'm not much of a gamer at all. I just really wanted new South Park material and I wasn't going to be picky.


  1. Sam's Avatar
    Nazi Grammar Chef
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    Financial Panther's new usertitle