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Isn't This Kind of Messed Up?

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I'd never be one to call myself 'popular', but if I were to ever use that word to describe myself, it would have to be sophomore year of high school.

That year, pretty much everyone in the freaking school knew me. I had friends. Unfortunately, there was pretty much nothing I could do or say that wouldn't get out to others.

This obviously included girls I liked. Sophomore year, word got out that I liked a girl in my grade. This was at the beginning of the year... before homecoming.

Our school doesn't have a 'traditional' homecoming because we don't have a football team, only soccer. I don't know if there's any other differences.

Anyway, each year there's 3 boys and 3 girls from each grade, and one boy and girl wins each year for each grade. For sophomores, the winners were me and the girl I liked.

Now, I knew this was a joke. I mean, I'm not at all good-looking. The only thing I have going for me that I didn't then is I've lost a decent amount of weight since.

For my Facebook friends, if you look through my pictures, you can see a picture of me and the girl moments after they announced we won. I'm half-smiling and the girl has a "Why me?" expression on her face. Classic.

Anyway, the reason I'm mentioning all this is because I like rambling in stories. Oh, and also because my mother came to the game to watch and see if I'd won... and she thought it was sincere.

I knew it was a joke. I knew since that day that the ONLY reason I won was because the whole school thought it would be hilarious if I won and the girl I liked won. It wasn't because of looks or anything.

I tried telling my mom that was the only reason I won, as a joke, and she didn't believe me. It's sad that I know the truth and that she honestly thinks I won for anything other than a joke. She can't be convinced. I guess it's good she thinks it was real. I dunno.

But anyway isn't it kind of fucked up that pretty much the entire school voted me and the girl I like just for the humor factor of us going to dance at homecoming? Almost the entire school was in on it.

BTW, I ALMOST won homecoming king senior year also. But I didn't. Oh well.


  1. lionelhutz123's Avatar
    Maybe your school were really just lame romantics and were using humor to mask it. Even if some or most were trying to do it as a joke, I bet there were people that probably thought it would be cute if it turned out to be you and the girl.

    I remember in freshman year of high school, this rumor started that I went out with this girl who sat next to me in band and that we "did stuff". The truth was I barely ever talked to her though. I was really shy and insecure around her pretty much because I felt like she was out of my league. Then it turned out in senior year that she actually liked me back then, and all of a sudden everything made sense. Because of my insecurity and lack of confidence in myself, I could never see things from a third perspective that she clearly liked me and that most of that teasing and gossip was really just them trying to manipulate the situation. I dunno, you have to remember that everyone in high school is an idiot.
  2. pilcrow's Avatar
    Going through high school myself right now, I've found that the only foolproof way to not have things like this happen is to not tell a soul about your secrets, because it gets out quick. One of my friends was caught texting a girl late at night, and days later the entire school thought they were going out or something. It was pretty stupid, and I think there was even a song written about them, but it eventually blew over. There are a couple of girls I like, but I haven't told a soul about it, and the secrets will probably go to my grave.

    It'd be a real shame if those girls did like me back and I didn't know it, though. I'm far from good-looking, and so far no girl has ever hit on me. One of these days...