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I don't even know what's going on anymore. Yesterday one of the most random things ever happened; Darin bought a car. Completely out of the blue, too. It's a Toyota Sequoia I believe(I know shit about cars). But it's really nice.

I should be getting my taxes back today. They're in Darin's bank account; it was the only way I could get it since I don't have one. What we're doing is I owe him rent and a couple other things, so he's going to keep that obviously and give me the rest. It was supposed to be tomorrow but apparently it was "pending" then; it should be today.

I really hope so, because like I said yesterday I want to get a 2DS and a game with it. I've been thinking Super Mario 3D Land; I've watched a few YouTube clips of Game Play and it looks really fun. I'm also going to buy a pair of headphones, so I can listen to music when I want, louder than I usually do. I can't do that a lot of the time for obvious reasons.

Last thing is, I'm still watching How I Met Your Mother. Even if I do know how it ends, it's about the journey getting there... and I'm loving the journey. Just started season 2 the other day; the trouble with this show is I'm seemingly the only person here who enjoys it; Carrie occasionally laughs but she doesn't pay attention, and Darin doesn't like it at all. So I don't have a lot of chances. Luckily, I'm going to get to watch some of it today, and some over the weekend, so I;m going to get as much done as I can. It's a really fun show and giving up on it would've been a mistake.

Also, I need a show for after HIMYM; I've been thinking a drama, since pretty much all I watch is comedy(which is one of my favorite genres). I might get into Mad Men, or maybe one of Netflix's shows like House of Cards or Orange is the new Black. Haven't decided yet. I know I said I'd give Arrested Development a try and I still plan on it. I just want a little something different first. I've still got time to decide anyway


  1. Sam's Avatar
    ah yes, darin. i know him well.
  2. lionelhutz123's Avatar
    if you start mad men, feel free to discuss or ask me questions as you go. the show doesnt spell itself out like other shows so I'd be happy to walk you through it (not that you won't be able to know what's going on). It will be a lot easier to appreciate though when you absorb each episode for what it is worth because each episode is layered in really compelling subtext which all kind of snowballs as you progress through the series.