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Mom/College Visit Today

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My mom came down yesterday, and it was pretty good. I got what I needed. Well, one of the things I needed. Apparently I need to know when she and my dad got divorced; I don't know and she doesn't know. Otherwise I got what I needed.

She really doesn't want me to go, practically the whole time we were talking she kept asking me why I don't just do online classes; and I keep telling her, if I did I wouldn't do any work; fact. Last year I tried doing online classes for some random site I found. I didn't see it as a real threat to not do any work; oh no, I'm randomly going to fail some class I don't give two shits about. That's pretty much life right there. But anyway I didn't see it as the real college experience so I didn't like it. I tried explaining this to her, but no matter how many times I did, she wouldn't listen. It sucked a bit. Oh well.

The main issue is because of transportation, which I understand. I'm not real sure myself. But I've got time to figure it out. I think there are buses down here that go to at least the city my college is in; I could take those. Whatever I decide to do, I've still got a couple weeks to do it.

Anyway, I'm visiting the college again today, in a few hours. The admissions' lady is going to see how much help I can get financially and I got a couple placement tests to take. Should go over good, I'll of course make a blog tomorrow that talks about it and how I hope I do(spoilers: gonna kill it)


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