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Yesterday was a good day.

I hung out with my friend Matt like all day. First off, we went to Old Navy so I could get some new clothes. For some reason Matt really wants me to clean up, wear newer/better/cleaner clothes, etc. so he paid for all of what I got. I didn't get a lot though, just some new shirts and a couple pairs of pants.

After that, we went to get me a haircut, for the "cleaning me up" thing. It was nice. Now that we're soon to be starting college, I really should care more about my outward appearance. I'm going to want, you know, friends.

After that, we went to Wendy's to get some food{because what else would you do there?}.

Then, we went to this house and watched like 3 hours of Archer. Such a good show, I hadn't seen it in a while but I really enjoyed the episodes; there wasn't one episode where we didn't laugh practically the whole way through.

After that, he had a little bit of Jack Daniel's left, so we drank a little. I didn't get super drunk but I got a nice buzz going.

Anyway, College. Yesterday I was kind of weary about whether or not I could go next month, but today I am kind of more hopeful.

My mom called me yesterday and yes, she has what I need. Other than her tax stuff, I also need to know when she and my dad divorced and that's about it.

This is seriously exciting stuff. Moving on with life. I'm so beyond ready. Nothing stops me now.


  1. Startug's Avatar
    Bro, that's great news. May your journey bring you great prosperity.
  2. D'ohmer's Avatar
    I'm so excited for you! You're gonna love college.
  3. pilcrow's Avatar
    Good luck. Hopefully, the best is yet to come.