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My birthday is a month from today and I am very excited. I'm pretty much always excited for my birthdays, especially as I get closer to 21{one more year!}.

I'm going to have a small get-together with drinks and probably smokes. Definitely drinks. It's going to be a good time. First time I smoked/got drunk was at my 17th birthday, so to be able to do that 3 years to the date? Yep, it's going down.

I don't think I'm going to be able to go to college on April 7, sadly. I called my mom originally when I got back on Tuesday, and asked what I needed; her tax forms. They need this so they can help me figure things out financially.

She said she'd call back the next day but she never did, and of course when I called her yesterday she didn't answer. I'm real worried that she doesn't have her stuff, and if she doesn't I can't start college. Fucking damn it, there's ALWAYS one or two small, retarded reasons I can't do what I want.

On the plus side classes resume in June so I can start then, it's only a couple extra months. I've had 2 years vacation, since I graduated. I'm a little upset that I probably can't go in the next couple weeks, but I've got this still. I've come too far for one or two little obstacles to put me down.

Still watching and loving Louie. Season 2 is like miles ahead of one. I've got about 3-4 episodes left and then season 3. And then, I've decided on Arrested Development as my next show. I've never given it a fair chance, mostly because I hear it has like two trillion inside jokes, and references to past episodes, and whatnot, that I probably wouldn't catch most of them. But, I've heard nothing but good things, so I'm still going to end up giving it a go.

If you've never seen Louie, give it a go. It's on FX and seasons 1-3 are on Netflix.


  1. Startug's Avatar
    louie dies in season 3, 4 is based on his evil clone
  2. Walid's Avatar
    damn you and your spoilers!!
  3. Frightened Inmate No. 2's Avatar
    arrested development does have trillions of inside jokes, but it's still easy enough to get into the first time around. the first few episodes seem kinda weak at first, but stick with it. i've watched the show through 5 times and i've probably seen the pilot 10 times, and i think my enjoyment for it peaked on the 9th time.
  4. Walid's Avatar
    thanks for the info