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MLP: Friendship is Magic Season 4 (So Far)

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I decided to rate every episode aired so far, but I'll still find the average for the first half of this season. I'll post ratings for future episodes in the MLP thread.

Princess Twilight Sparkle: 9/10
Castle Mane-ia: 9/10
Daring Don't: 8/10
Flight to the Finish: 10/10
Power Ponies: 9/10
Bats!: 9/10
Rarity Takes Manehattan: 9/10
Pinkie Apple Pie: 9/10
Rainbow Falls: 4/10
Three's a Crowd: 7/10
Pinkie Pride: 10/10
Simple Ways: 8/10

Average: 8.42

I didn't have anything to say about these episodes, they're just generally really solid and consistent. There was only one dud, and it's still tolerable. Like I said, if you want a review for any episode of this series, feel free to request one. Another awesome half season from this show!

And now for the remaining episodes that have aired:

Filli Vanilli: 10/10
Twilight Time: 9/10
It Ain't Easy Being Breezies: 8/10 (Got a score boost due to the Mane 6 turning into Breezies!)
Somepony to Watch Over Me: 9/10
Maud Pie: 10/10 (This episode rocks, but seriously Bronies, no more rock puns please! :p)