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I've been trying to get into shows for a while now. What usually happens is I watch for a season or so, then lose interest. Yesterday I finished Derek, the 7 episode run of episodes from Ricky Gervais{season 2 supposed to come this year I believe}. After that, a couple shows were recommended, one of them being Louie. I'd seen a couple episodes here and there and thought it was good, so I decided to. I am fucking hooked. There's 13 episodes in each season{3 now, 4th premieres in May of this year}.

There's so much going on in this show because at times it's pretty humorous and at other times it's depressing and dark and bleak. I'm so hooked because one episode will have me laughing my ass off the whole way through and then the next will have like only a few laughs but the plot is handled so well I'm into it. One episode that was pretty hard to watch was "Bully" for instance. Also, watching "God" now and this is pretty dark too.

So, I'm going to marathon through this show and hopefully find some time to finish it in a decent amount of time. After this, I haven't really thought about what to get into next, I've been thinking Arrested Development but I kinda want to try Mad Men for what would be the... third time? I dunno. Something.

BTW Ricky Gervais was coincidentally enough in one of the episodes of Louie; he plays Louie's Doctor and OH MY GOD he made me laugh for almost 10 minutes straight. Classic.


  1. Startug's Avatar
    You haven't seen Arrested Development? Do that next if you're ready for some legit laughs.
  2. Walid's Avatar
    I've never given it a legitimate chance.
  3. Frightened Inmate No. 2's Avatar
    arrested development is a good show.