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Today Had Potential To Be One of the Worst Days of my Life/My Friend Made My Ex-Roommate Feel Dumb

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I haven't been entirely honest on here with these blogs; I've been writing up random shit to try to take my mind off the harsh reality that today could have been.

About a week or so ago Darin's mom texted him telling him to bring me to a homeless shelter because I need support in getting my stuff. Good idea, but me? Homeless shelter? Just hearing those two words makes me wanna burst into tears.

Today was going to be the day, unless I convinced Darin to let me stay. How was I going to? I have no job, so I can't pay him/his mother weekly anymore. What was I going to do? Go to the shelter I guess. I had to understand Darin wasn't going to take me there to be a dick, but to help me in the long run.

BUT- I got saved. How? I never finished my taxes earlier. Last night Darin helped me finish, by letting me use his bank account. So, all of my money will go into his bank account, but he'll give me what I don't owe him when I get it. Like, I owe him today, but since I obviously don't have the money, he'll take it off my taxes. That doesn't help much for when college starts{Muskegon is a good almost-hour drive from where we live}, but I can worry about that. I'm just happy we came to a reasonable end here that didn't end with me being dropped off at a homeless shelter. Plus, I heard that they drug test you; if that were true that would fuck me up too. Don't worry, once college starts I reckon I'll stop smoking for a while; maybe hit up Darin and Carrie every so often for a smoke-down after they get their apartment.

Anyway, I got that out of the way, so now a short story about my roommate. As you guys know, I have a habit of pointing out people's foibles online, pointing out anything I can to bring their names down even though they themselves are not likely to ever see it{yea, I'm positive HE knows how to use a computer...}. Anyway, I do this because it helps me unwind when I'm pissed and I don't have anywhere else to vent about shit.

Anyway, I don't know if I mentioned it here or not, but my roommate has cartoon porn. Like, he was telling me about it back when I lived there. He seemed really into it. Ever since he told me that I've felt weird around him; what kind of middle-aged man gets turned on by cartoon porn? I have my opinion on regular porn and then my opinion on cartoon porn; it's weird. If you don't think so, cool.

Anyway, my friend was at the store my roommate works at, and apparently he was taking the cart he used in the store to his car to take out his groceries. My roommate was going to take the cart so he put his rope on it to tie it to the others, and my roommate was like "Don't do that" when he untied the cart; obviously that meant he wasn't done, no? Anyway, after he said that my friend brought up the cartoon porn because I just HAD to tell him, Darin, and anyone else I could; I think I even mentioned it in a Facebook status.

Anyway, my roommate was dumbfounded so my friend asked him again; "Hey, how's your cartoon porn?" On the one hand I feel kinda bad for bringing that up in the first place, on the other hand, because of him I don't have a home so it's kind of hard to be sympathetic. I mean, if you're into weird things, and don't want people to know, don't tell. Or, if you're into weird things and tell somebody, be warned that person may tell others.

Hell, I hate it when my friends make fun of me for being on this site; one of my friends got on it and read various blogs and posts of mine. My friends classify this site as my "true feelings" because I don't talk as much as I type. It's true. But anyway, now I don't care; if my friends know I'm on this site, so be it. They think it's stupid and a waste of time, cool. I like it.

Of course, posting on a forum and liking cartoon porn are two entirely different things but my overall point is if you like weird stuff, don't tell people if you don't want it getting out. If I Had a thing for cartoon porn I wouldn't tell anybody.


  1. kupomog's Avatar
    An internet website being a waste of time? No way.
  2. pilcrow's Avatar
    I guess this guy must have really liked the joke from Steal This Episode: "No, no, no, don't stop! I'll do that thing you like"!