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MLP: Friendship is Magic Season 2 Ratings (Part 2)

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If you've been reading these, thank you and sorry for the long hiatus. If you haven't and this is the first one you're seeing, I hope you enjoy reading them. These are purely subjective and I consider "5" to be average, so keep that in mind. I just like to have a place to post these, one where people know who I am. :)

- The Last Roundup: 10/10 (I hate how this episode is only recognized by Derpy's appearance/controversy. It's such an excellent, heartfelt episode for Applejack and it had great characterization for her. And the moral that she learned is something that I think is something that everyone should remember when they fail at something and are worried about disappointing others. Easily the best Applejack episode IMO)
- The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000: 4/10
- Read It and Weep: 10/10
- Hearts and Hooves Day: 8/10
- A Friend in Deed: 8/10 (Once again, my score has been raised due to a freakin awesome song by Pinkie Pie!)
- Putting Your Hoof Down: 4/10
- It's About Time: 9/10 (LOVE the moral, and the way this episode portrayed it)
- Dragon Quest: 9/10 (Biggest guilty pleasure in the series)
- Hurricane Fluttershy: 10/10 (Probably my favorite episode, or at least in my top two! Not only is it incredibly inspiring, but both Fluttershy AND Rainbow Dash were characterized incredibly well. Such a breath of fresh air after their poor characterizations in May the Best Pet Win, The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well, and Putting Your Hoof Down)
- Ponyville Confidential: 9/10
- MMMystery on the Friendship Express: 9/10
- A Canterlot Wedding: 10/10 (My favorite two-part episode!)

Average: 8.33/10

I knew this second half would be better! Only two duds and it has some of my favorite episodes of the series. Next, we'll see how season 3 holds up, which is the reason why I've been splitting these seasons into halves.