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Blogging Everyday

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Well, this is pretty much turning into my account, where all I did was write up blogs. Sure, I still post here and talk to people, but... blogs are fun too. I'm going to start doing a blog everyday. These will range from stupid shit about my day{oh trust me, it's stupid}, to me rating movies I saw in the theater, to me updating you about my book{it's going splendidly, thank you}, and anything and everything else I choose.

These will be written in a way that's fun for me{adding extra attention to detail that doesn't need to be there so it appears these blogs are longer than they actually are, like what I'm doing now} and hopefully fun for you to read. If not, oh well. I don't strive to make everyone happy{did that for 18 years... didn't really work out well}.


  1. pilcrow's Avatar
    Sounds good. Beats making "sup" and "nice weather" posts in the Lounge all day.