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MLP: Friendship is Magic Season 1 Ratings (Part 2)

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Hey guys, if you're finding these annoying and want me to stop, please say so. I won't be offended, don't worry. I just find doing these enjoyable :)

Suited for Success: 9/10
Feeling Pinkie Keen: 6/10
Sonic Rainboom: 9/10
Stare Master: 9/10
The Show Stopper: 6/10 (A bit of a score boost due to the CMC theme song as well as the hilariously bad, but catchy performance ;))
A Dog and Pony Show: 8/10
Green Isn't Your Color: 9/10
Over a Barrel: 8/10 (Score boost due to Pinkie's awesome & catchy musical number :))
A Bird in the Hoof: 7/10
The Cutie Mark Chronicles: 10/10
Owl's Well that Ends Well: 7/10
Party of One: 9/10
Best Night Ever: 10/10

Average: 8.24

What an improvement! Not a single bad episode in this second half. This set of episodes really made me realize I was watching a quality show and that I made the right decision to give this show a go! :)


  1. pilcrow's Avatar
    There shouldn't be any reason to find these annoying, at least in my opinion. If people don't want to read it then don't!

    I will admit the songs are pretty catchy. Daniel Ingram and Will Anderson write some really good music.
  2. D'ohmer's Avatar
    Yeah, the music is one of the things I love about this series, at least most of the songs.