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Favorite TV Shows #3- Whose Line is it Anyway?

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Ah, a subject I know much about. Comedy. Whose Line is it Anyway is an improvisational comedy show about 4 people{usually 4 guys but occasionally there's a girl thrown in the mix} who play 'games' for 'points' and is hosted by Drew Carey{probably the worst aspect of the show}.

This show makes me laugh really hard. It's hard to explain since it's improv, but games they play include:

-Irish Drinking Song. Pretty self-explanatory, they all sing and pretend to be drunk and whatnot. Person one sings something, then two, then three, then 4 rhymes with 2. Remember that.

-Scenes from a Hat. Drew Carey pulls out a hat and reads audience members' notes that they want to see the people perform. One example is "Things you can say about your dog, but not your wife."

There's one where they watch an old movie with no sound on and they make up the dialogue as the scene unfolds on screen.

This show is funny.


  1. pilcrow's Avatar
    You watch the Drew Carey version? You're missing out then, the older British version is hilarious as well. They're pretty easy to find on YouTube so I'd suggest giving those a try. Their humor is different than ours, but they do the same silly stuff that we do.

    Less recommended but also great is the really old radio version, I really liked the stupid way they'd recite the credits.