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My Work Ethic...

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..Is really bad.

When I first started working I made a rule to myself that, as long as I could walk, I could work. So, even if I was feeling REALLY shitty, if I could walk at all, I'd go in. This is just not the case anymore. I'm starting to feel bad.

I called in yesterday for the sole fact of the matter being I didn't want to go to work. Can you blame me? It was cold as fuck, blowing snow... who in their right mind would want to go be outside pushing carts in shitty weather?

Anyway, I fucked myself over for not going in yesterday for two reasons: one, my next pay is going to be shit. For some reason I have another short week this week, made even shorter by the fact that I didn't go in yesterday.

Add also that stupid frigging point system. I'm pretty sure I have 11 and a half now. Last time I was talked to{they talk to you when you have an even number} I had 10 and a half. I'm really hoping that I didn't get anymore inbetween then and yesterday or else when I go in there later today it could be the last time I do go in there. Hey, if that did happen, at least I still got my taxes... and that would give me more time to get my ID and shit together.

I'm kind of disappointed in myself for calling in just because I didn't want to work, but I'm still sorting my shit out. I still don't even know what kind of job to get when Darin, Carrie and I move away. Darin's with his Dad, Carrie's either transferring to a Burger King up there{she's a manager} or getting a job at some restaurant she was looking at the other night. Me? My original idea was that I might transfer to one of the stores where we're moving, but with my current point situation, it wouldn't last.

Darin has been talking to me about potentially working with him and his dad with houses. It sounds like long, hard work but it sounds doable. He works every weekday, 7-3, and makes like 10-11 dollars an hour. So a week's pay... is very good.

Or there might still be the pawn shop option I mentioned in my last blog. I dunno. All I know is I'll obviously need a job.

I just hate the uncertainty factor in all this. Initially, Darin, Carrie and I were going to try to get our own place around January. Then, I'm told "we're trying for the first week of February." Now we're waiting on our tax returns and whatnot, since that's pretty much the only way we can afford anything.

As long as I have 6-700 saved up or so I should be good. See, I'm mostly using my tax returns for the apartment we'll eventually get. I might also do some small things like get a new cell phone, but primarily this is my intention with my tax returns.

I cannot WAIT till we move and are settled in. At this point it's still looking like it might be a couple weeks or so. I know Darin and Carrie are about set to go, and I feel like a dick for still needing some of my shit, but I'm working on it.


  1. kupomog's Avatar
    People call in sick all the time when they are not. People need breaks.

    ...but you really need to get your ID, bro. I don't know how it is in your state but it's not a difficult process most anywhere else I can think of.

    Kinda surprised you were able to even do taxes without an ID.
  2. Startug's Avatar
    You should definitely join Darin's Dad in house working. It's hard work, but it does pay off a lot better. Trust me. I would rather be working on houses than working in fast food.
  3. Walid's Avatar
    Kupomog- I never finished them because a friend was helping me with turbotax and when we got to the end we clicked "send card" and apparently they aren't doing cards this year and so my only other option is to open a bank account.

    Startug- Darin's told me a lot about the job and it does sound like hard work but it sounds doable he's thinking I wouldn't be able to handle it and he wants me to like show him I can.
  4. D'ohmer's Avatar
    Don't be so hard on yourself. Your health should always come first. You still have time to show Darin that you can be diligent, and his job offer sounds like a good opportunity for you to not only earn some cash, but also to become a stronger person. If you can do this, you can do anything! :)