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Should I Talk to my Work?

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OK, the past few weeks, I've had 40+ hours every week. Pretty much every day I worked was 8 hours. But, this week is like the first week it's below 40. It's like 34 and a half or something hours for the total week. Anyway, my friend brought up that I hadn't been going to work this week{today really is the first day I will have worked all week, not counting Sunday}, and I said I didn't care because of all the weeks I'd been getting so many hours. He tells me I should care and that I should request to get more hours.

I really don't see a problem here. Yeah, no shit more hours=more money, but one week where I have a little below 40 hours isn't even that bad. Besides, Darin, Carrie and I are planning on moving soon anyway. I'm either going to get a job with Darin insulating houses with his dad and a bunch of other old people, or, I could potentially get a job at a pawn shop, cleaning and doing whatever they ask of me. Or you know, get a different job, whatever. I don't think my friend knows of our plan to move and that's why he suggested I talk to my work. I dunno. Should I? I'm probably not going to. If, for some reason, I don't move with D and C, then I'll probably ask for more hours, but for the time being, I'm fine


  1. Startug's Avatar
    I think that you should get the insulation job with Darrin, but only if you actually need it. 34 hours is GREAT compared to the shit I was given.