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October 22, 2013

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I started reading the book about not procrastinating. Like, seriously it's really informative. It has a lot of reasons why people do procrastinate and it has a lot of ways to kill the... well, I don't wanna say 'need' for procrastinating...

Darin's gone till tomorrow now. He's traveling to pick up a mutual friend who is in Minnesota. He left early this morning and he should be back sometime tomorrow morning/afternoon. It's a good 18-20 hour trip. I was gonna go but instead Carrie did. That initially annoyed me because I actually kind of wanted to go, but it makes sense that he'd have her go since she's leaving Friday. He wants to spend as much time with her as he can.

The only reason I know she's going is because last night, I chilled with both of them. We were doing our usual thing, smoking, just chilling. We were watching the Human Centipede episode of South Park, and Darin was explaining what Human Centipede was and so we watched it since me and Carrie had never seen it. Fucked up movie, but oh my god the sequel is so much worse. No idea what to expect for the third. And it felt really weird watching it while high. It didn't really increase my interest in it too much.